Mountain Dew Dew Challenge 2023 Concludes with Spectacular Finale and Two Guinness World Records Achievements

by - January 12, 2024

Mountain Dew Malaysia marked the
culmination of an exhilarating two-month journey with the grand finale of the Dew
Challenge, organised by Geek Events, held at Sentul Depot, Kuala Lumpur, on December 16th. This innovative event seamlessly blended the realms of virtual and reality, bringing together over a thousand gaming enthusiasts from all across the country for an unforgettable experience.

Breaking Boundaries: Mountain Dew Sets Two New Guinness World Records In a groundbreaking moment, Mountain Dew, in collaboration with the passionate gaming community, stakeholders, and esteemed members of the media, achieve two new Guinness World Records during the Dew Challenge finale. The records, titled The Largest Paintball Word, made using 4,715 pallets and 
The Most People Shooting Paintball Simultaneously with 298 participants, underscore Mountain Dew's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and entertainment. The team was presented with official certificates from Guinness World Records
adjudicator, Mr. Kazuyoshi Kirimura, marking a historic achievement for the brand.

Regional Battle Unveils Champion: AZ MYX Takes Home Coveted Title and part
of RM200,000 Prize Pool

The Dew Challenge regional finals, which spanned the northern, southern, central,
and eastern regions of Malaysia, saw intense competition among thousands of participants, who battled it out both online and on the paintball PUBG tournament stage.

The grand finale in Kuala Lumpur, brought together 16 finalists from the regionals
and witnessed the crowning of the overall champion, AZ MYX from the northern
region, who emerged victorious and claimed a part of the prize pool of RM200,000.
2nd and 3rd place went to Sem9 Junior (Central Region) and Twenty2rich Guerilla
(North Region) respectively taking home a slice of the RM200,000 prize pool.

Beyond Gaming: A Vibrant Festival
Taking place from 9AM to 7PM, the Dew Challenge finale was not just about
gaming—it was a celebration of diverse experiences. Attendees were treated to an
array of activities and vendors, including a tantalising Domino’s BoxKu corner,
purveyors of juicy and tender fried chicken, Uncle Bob, MBO, mini PUBG mobile
tournaments, a special Mountain Dew mixology booth, and engaging carnival
games. These additional elements added a festive atmosphere to the event, creating
memorable moments for all participants.
Speaking to Amy Gan, VP of Marketing, Etika Sdn Bhd, she said, “With this year’s
Dew Challenge, we could really push the boundaries of what was possible. We knew
that we had to bring Malaysians a one of a kind, first time experience that will make
them want to break out of the norm, push their boundaries and live their best, most
vibrant lives. I am happy to say that it was a success and I couldn’t have imagined a
better end to it.”

“We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the gaming community, sponsors,
vendors, and media partners for making this event a resounding success. The Dew
Challenge has once again proven that Mountain Dew is not just a beverage; it's a lifestyle that brings people together through shared passions and unforgettable

For images and highlights of the finale, head over to the Dew Challenge website
( and Mountain Dew Facebook page
( Stay tuned for details on the
next Dew Challenge.

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