Cute BeAr FaCe PanCake/EgG PaN

星期四, 八月 28, 2008

Yesterday Nite I Went Shopping N Grab SoMe KiTc3n GaDGet FoR MySelF , As I Like 2 MaSak MaSak , I SuReLy Go KiTChEn SecTiOn, Wat i ReAlIZe TaT UsUaLly In ThiS SeCtIOn Is AunTie/YoUng MumMy, jZ cUrIOuS TaT CaNt OuR YoUng GiRL Go BrowSe Some THing Ther3?

SoMe How, I WaS ThInKing Tat It Is A Fun/ 满足感/幸福,WHen U CoOk FoR SoMe1 , ThEn De DishEs FiNish It With SoMe CoMmEnt On De FOod(No Matter Good/Bad) Haha!! De PerSon Who Eat Will KnoW HoW U Put Ur EffOrt/HeArt On THe FoOd, TotAllY dIffErent From Bought It From Outside!
AnY1 CaN CoMmEnT On It!


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1 评论

  1. It is a cute cooking equipment and suitable for her tat always like to collect all this kind of cute thingy.Hope she can collect more of this thing.


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