WiNnI3 De PooH DiSp3Nser

星期四, 八月 28, 2008

I GoT My 1St SmArTiEs's DisPenSer, YeAh !! IT IS A WINNIE DE PooH !!!

WinNie De PoOh DiSPeNSeR
OnCe U BaNDed PoOh HaND U Will GraB MoRe SmArTIes MiNis... HappY PoOh
My Fri3Nd BouGht It FroM LaNgKaWi, As He SaY He Is OuT Of BuDGet, If Not Will BuY M3 MOrE WinNi3 De PoOh StuFf.

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1 评论

  1. That is a very cute dispenser suitable for gal that like to collect all the kind of dispenser and somemore it is Pooh her favourite cartoon character.