My Japanese Cuisine Day

by - August 28, 2008

Japanese Cuisine Day Started with Star Heart Shaped Onigiri, with TuNa, NoRi, WhiTe SesAm3.

Star & Heart Onigiri /星心饭团

Th3N FoLl0W bY T3MpuRa Fishhy , Hmmm...... Some1 Make a Joke that " Say it looks alike A Goreng Pisang/Goreng Keredek.... aHaHa!!

T3mpUrA FiSh Fill3t /甜不辣鱼块

Last and But No Least , V Have t3mPuRa Fr3nch B3an. Yum Yum!!

T3mPuRa Fr3nCh B3aN /甜不辣长豆

Av thing R Finish up AfAp(As Fast As Possible) !!!

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