Haul From IBE 2010 (Magazine Part)

星期日, 五月 23, 2010

Goodies Bag From Jasmine June Collection.
1 x The Face Shop Mask
1 x Pure & Mild Blackhead Clean Oil
1 x Wet Tissue from Jasmine
1 x Esui Famine Wash Miniature
1 x Styling Hair Wax From d Hair Shop

Goodies Bag From Sister姐妹 Magazine.
1 x Bigen Hair Coloring
1 x Laneige Sleeping Pack Sample
1 x Kose Compact Powder miniature
1 x Pantene Leave-On Hair Mask
1 x Waterproof Eye Colour Dip From In2It
1 x hair Serum
1 x Colorful Pouch + Mirror



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6 评论

  1. wah nice.. jasmine mag where to redeem the goodies? no buy so no idea :(

    very pretty pic of U

  2. The Jasmine are redeemed from International Beauty Expo.
    Thanks for compliment!

  3. I did not buy 姐妹, cause the dye hair thingy I no use..
    my jasmine goodies not so good also..>.<

  4. Jean : Dye Hair is for mummy de. for jasmine goodies mine also okay only, got TFS sheet mask lo. the rest normal only :)

  5. is never easy to go all over the place to redeem them. sometimes ago I try but very often out of stock.

  6. Do you have any video of that? I'd want to find out more details.

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