I'm Back FromCoffee Tasting by Starbuck Malaysia.

by - May 28, 2010

Remember last 2 day i blogged about Coffee Tasting by Starbuck Malaysia.

i went to Pearl Point @ 7.30pm.

First we learn how to taste coffee! (Wao! It is Coffee Tasting , Not Wine Tasting!)

there’s a coffee’s Nose.Take a sip of coffee. As soon as it reaches your tongue, it stimulates taste and simultaneously releases aromas inside the mouth.

Follow the lead of the experts: allow your sense of taste and smell to mingle. Enjoy the tactile feel of the coffee on your tongue.

Now that you’ve taken a good whiff and your first sip, it’s time to let your tongue do the talking. Of all the facets of coffee, Taste is the most complex to discuss.

Most experts concentrate on three elements Body, Acidity, & Balance.

Body: A coffee’s lipid or “oily” quality creates the tactile sensation of Body or “mouthfeel.”

Acidity: Naturally occurring acids in the beans combine with natural sugars that produce a sweetness that gives certain coffees a sharp pleasing tang or piquancy.
Balance: Think of Balance as a harmony of the many sensations yielded by a fine coffee. A “balanced” coffee is one whose flavor characteristics are all at the proper level for that variety.

A quick note on Acidity: Don’t let the term scare you. Acidity does NOT refer to pH levels discussed in high school chemistry class. It is not like hydrochloric acid or stomach acid. Instead, it is a basic taste sensation in coffee, especially those coffees grown in higher altitudes. You’ll notice a coffee’s acidity at every facet of tasting, but especially in a tingling sensation on your tongue. Acidity produces some of the pleasurable and distinctive sensations we enjoy when tasting coffee.

After a sip is swallowed, the mouth and tongue retain a minute residue of coffee. This sensation produces the Aftertaste, the sensation that lingers on the palate. It is similar to the concept of “finish” in wine tasting. Aftertaste can vary considerably according to the coffee’s body

We mentioned Body as a primary characteristic. You appreciate a coffee’s Body on the tongue and the roof of your mouth. It is a distinctly tactile sensation, and is sometimes called simply “mouth feel.” Another comparison to wine is helpful. Burgundies are sometimes said to be “heavier” than most other reds and whites. The difference is not weight. Rather, Body is the texture and consistency, the thickness or slipperiness of the coffee.

A good cup of coffee represents the collaboration of many highly trained artisans – growers, professional tasters and roasters all working together to create a fine product.

Sources : wholelattelove.com

The Coffee that we tasted are Sumatra, Sumatra Siborong-borong & Sumatra Lake Toba.

Starbuck are really good to prepared the notes for us.
now only i know that the cheese cake can perfect match black coffee.
it makes the cheese cake wont feel any greasy 腻。

i learn alot from the coffee tasting session.
at college, we are tasting on wine,cheese ; now i am tasting on coffee.

starbuck are going to have this kind of coffee tasting every quarter year, means 3 month once.
coffee from others regions.
goodies bag from Starbuck Malaysia:
1 x miniature Starbuck Cup
1 x 20g Sumatra Coffee Bean.

Thanks Alot to Starbuck Malaysia!

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