Belts Wonderland : Necessary / Accessories???

星期日, 七月 18, 2010

Got this all 3 belt in once, today 18/7/2010. got red , white , and brown color.
still thinking to grab 1 more denim color. it is a belt heaven for me !
for me, belt can be necessary / accessories for a girl.

Top View

Side View

Front View

Anyone could tell me , Belt is a Necessary / Accessories ???

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3 评论

  1. accessories :D

    hey they are pretty! hehe... too bad my waist so big. lol..

  2. I like the white color one! so pretty!!! where u get it?? how much?
    i need a white belt!

  3. only RM15 ringgit each.
    i got it near my house de.
    if u wan. i buy 1 for u lo!