Hada Labo Hi-Tea & My Lucky Day

星期二, 七月 27, 2010

About 2pm , Cia Wei & Wua , the 1st 2 person who reach Fukaya.

we reach early, there is a benefit on it, we are take more picture without many ppl around.

Display set for Hada Labo's Products , there are Whitening, Moisturizing, AHA-BHA Series

Thanks Cia Wei to taking a nice picture of Wua

Registration Counter with the Slogan Card.

Stage / Presentation of the Day

Cia Wei & Wua with Hada Labo Backdrop.

Table Setting of Fukuya Restaurant

I am doing the Hydration Test , Thanks Jean taking a picture

Hydration Level Result ~ Before & After .

What is Inside there ??

Oh Ya! I won a Lucky Draw!

There are Arbutin Whitening Series:
1 x Whitening Face Wash 100g
1 x Whitening Lotion 170ml
1 x Whitening Essence 30g
1 x Whitening Milk 140ml
4 x Whitening sheet Mask

Doorgifts + Lucky Draw + Lucky Number 32 = Lucky Wua!

I Happy Till Going to Jump Up!!

Group Photo with All Blogger!!
Camie, Jean, Jess, Cia Wei, Wua, Kelly, Adriene, Pinky.

Believe or not! My luck have no end yet!!!
I received another letter ACP(CLEO) & Simple Skincare

  1. I WON 1 x pureology series hamper worth RM248. Yuhoo!
  2. I am the first 150 who signs up will receive a pack of Kind To Skin Facial Wipes and a FREE copy of the Saturdays latest album.

Happy Go Lucky !

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  1. hey....where is the photo i take with you?? so bad~~~ only you remember your prize!!hekk.. :(

    you really lucky lah!! jealous me.. :((
    next time my turn!!

    hey..eventually i have a blog, come n visit ya!!

  2. My Dear Cindy,
    my post will not be end like this. did u see i skip the food part and friendship part.
    i will elaborate to another 2 post .
    as it is too grandmother story with too many picture

  3. Thanks Sherry, U are away the supporter for me !

  4. wah lucky you so much goodies :)
    do a review soon ya? :D