Journey: Jacob Walk of Life 2010

星期六, 七月 31, 2010

 About 6.30am we reach FRIM Kepong to register ourselves @ 7xxx's counters
i registered earlier from Jacob website. so i got my number 7079. daddy, mummy, and dear dear's mum are all running togther.

 Mummy & Wua with our race kit. is a bangle for goodies bag redemption and 1 yellowish t-shirt.
 Heading to a big Padang to do warm  up exercise

Is time to have a cam whoring !
Mummy & Wua
Dear Dear's Mum & Wua
My Super Dad & Wua
My Super Dad & Sweet Mum

Rane Chin & Wua with our Jacob Biscuit & Alene Milk

See the little boy wear a giant JWOL t-shirt. so cute!
See Who is there ?? is林德荣.Myfm DJ..

Started the run with the horn! did u see the crowd ?? that is alot of ppl of around 6K..

Yeah, I am finish my route with my happily parent. !
Wua With all my Goodies Bag
Goodies Bag from Jacob Walk of Life

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4 评论

  1. such a healthy activities to be enjoy by family! Nice...

    p/s: im not such a healthy person one.. kekeke

  2. very proud of you!! hehe.. so sporty!

  3. Jess : it is a time to get closer with family and exercise more for preparation of Shape Run 2010

    Sherry : Thanks Thanks, I need more non-beauty related post. i am kind of all type blogger. hehe.

    i am back from Shape Run Also!!

  4. no problem enjoy read your blog