230111 - Vichy Cleanser Exchange Program Mission Completed

by - January 25, 2011

Remember i mentioned Vichy Cleanser Exchange Program?

Sayonara to my Aqua Label Whitening Cleanser which i bought it last Year January.

that day we woke up quite late, then we rush to leisure mall, cheras as we thought that we need to q up to exchange the Vichy Essentielles Foaming Facial Cleanser.
But Surprising , we reach leisure mall abourt 11am, not much people there to q up and exchange.

from the promoter, on 22 January 2011, only about 12 people to exchange it.
so i am the 1st one on 23 January 2011 to exchange it with my aqua label whitening cleanser.

1st you need to fill up a form which indicated name, email, hp no., are you a vichy user?, age range& exchange brand.

then the promoter will check/go through a while and hand the new Vichy Essentielles Foaming Facial Cleanser 100ml to you.

Tada this is Vichy Essentielles Foaming Facial Cleanser!

Vichy Website Say :

Skin Type :
Suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

Action :
Cleanses, removes makeup and
tones the skin.

Result :
Face is perfectly cleansed. Makeup is removed. Skin feels toned and refreshed.

Container :
100 ml tube, no box

There are another 5 more days to exchange!
Hurry Up !!! 

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