Review : Empro Dollash DH005 + Black Diamond Liner

星期四, 一月 20, 2011

Very Soft Eyelashes i had try as it is Human Hair Series!
Nice Nice !
More Dramatic Eyelashes i would like to try from Empro!
And it is very affortable :

Price range from RM20 - RM30
(Watson currently got promotion 10% off )


Introducing Empro’s new Diamond Black Liner in a jet black shade.

This smudge-proof and waterproof liner is soft enough to glide on smoothly, but not so soft that it slips right off. The aerodynamic brush with firm bristles allows smooth and controlled application. Just shake and apply!

Gentle on eyes. No irritation. More importantly, it lasts the whole day giving depth and character to those beautiful peepers of yours. Empro’s Diamond Black Liner is easy to remove and does not require the use of harsh makeup removers.

The ergonomic shape makes the liner easy to hold, fitting conveniently into tiny purses or makeup pouches.

' Empro Diamond Black Liner - time to let those eyes shine!

Made in Japan

RM43.80 , Available at Watson & Empro Boutique Outlet.

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2 评论

  1. hello my dear!!!
    i really like your eye makeup!!!
    its suits you well!!but..i think its does not suit with me as i have darker skin colour!!!! :)

  2. Thanks for your compliments.
    i dun put alot of make up, jz eyeliner and mascara is the must thing for me!