Etude House Haul!

星期六, 三月 26, 2011

Oh my god!
never expect I got my 2nd Etude House haul during their GP sales.
1st i asked my FB Etude House BA Nic to reserve 3 tube of LuciDarling BB Cake, i understand it is selling like hot cake, it makes my skin flawless and glowing with this.
1 x White O2 Mask. after seeing alot of Friends, bloggers are raved on this product, so i give it a try. 50% off  . only Rm20+ only. cant wait to use it and get brighter skin!
1 x Minime Solid Perfume - Miss Hot. this solid perfume got a very special scent like tropical is sense of the outlook of the solid perfume as well. Hawaii, Bikini, Tanned Skin, * same as my character *
2 x Mask package - 3 type of mask(Hydro,Natural, Essence) in sales on 5 for RM12, i still fall in love with Essence Mask.
Yeah i got the sauna Set Finally! RM150 and above only get the sauna set, consist of 1x peeling wash, 1xbody shower, 1xbody lotion , 4x mask.

enjoy your weekend!

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10 评论

  1. Eh how the bb cake look like??!?! I bought their pudding eyeshadow. Love!love! love! :D And for the stick perfume I got the purple color one! :D Too bad the scent didn't last long :(

  2. Hi Nicole:
    the bb cake is a type of from cream to powder . very smooth and medium coverage.
    not yet tried their pudding eyeshadow, should try it next time. but their creamy eyeshadow yes, quite pigmented can used as eye base.
    ya! agree with u the solid perfume din't last long, it suit for after lunch time to touch up with scent and refresh your day.

  3. Puteri:
    Wat you wan from me :)
    hahaha! BB cake? Solid Perfume? or O2 white mask?

  4. wow u buy 3 Luci darling bb cake~~

  5. HI Emily.
    Yes, it is my HG BB Cake!
    And it is only RM22.90 now.
    the sales is untill April.
    UR Stage Foundation also not bad mar, Rm12 ! Hahaha!

  6. i want one of that bb cream !!!!
    wwwuuuaaaa....plizzz...plizzz.. :P

  7. Hi Si Moody,
    Sure, Wanna to have swap :??

  8. Wat U have for etude house that u like to swap :) !