Shiseido 2 Weeks Spot Challenge~ I got mine @ Parkson KLCC

星期一, 三月 14, 2011

Just drop by Shiseido Brightening Mobile Lab and
Shiseido counters - go through a skin analysis by our skincare expert
(they will give you more brightening tips along the consultation!)

- Free samples of our Most Powerful Serum -
Intensive Spot Targeting Serum for 2 weeks (Yes! it's 2 weeks!)

- Return to the counter that you have choosen after 14 days and go through a skin analysis again!

You will see the different of your skin!

Not to forget, you will also receive a special appreciation token from us if you complete this challenge!

So hurry up!
catch our mobile truck till next week or drop by SELECTED Shiseido Counters today! Say Bye-Bye to Stubborn Spots!

The selected counters are :-
Isetan KLCC, Parkson KLCC,
Jusco Mid Valley,
Parkson One Utama,
Parkson Pavilion,
Parkson Gurney,
Parkson Holiday Plaza.

For more detail kindly browser to Shiseido Facebook here.

I will start my 14 Days Trial Today!
Can't Wait to result after 14 days!

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4 评论

  1. good for you, sadly s.parade not in list.

  2. i have tried, high absorption level and can see the result after 2 weeks!

  3. Hi Sherry,
    Come along to KL during weekend maybe ?
    Take a good care ur baby!

  4. Hi Lilian,
    Long time no See!
    Thanks for sharing ur feedback.
    yesterday tried the 1st sachet!
    Really good absorption.
    Still waiting result after 14 days