I Owned a pair of Kheng Yu Shoe!

by - January 16, 2012

Thank you hulala.com.my & Kheng Yu for a surprise present prior chinese new year!
Here I come with a journey to own a pair of Kheng Yu's Design Shoe on 14-01-2012.

Kheng Yu'Boutique located at KL City Walk, This place quite tricky,
in betwwen with all the clubs, beach club, blackmagic & etc.

i think i reach there as early as i expected, 3pm, as appointment at 4pm.
ops 1 hour early, it is the time to explore KL city walk, open air walk street
with alot of unique store, like
cheese-mayo keropok, such a malaysian food in western style!
Yogurt Ice Cream Store owned by korean boss, the decoration is so dreamy.
Should pay a visit again for makan !

3:30PM, I step into Kheng Yu's Boutique,
my first impression was : WOAH! That's Amazing with tones of shoeZz!
The bouqtique's interior is very classy with black & gold color.

I am welcome & greet by Bee Lin, Kheng Yu's Best Friend.
Kheng Yu is on her way to KL City Walk, while wait for Kheng Yu.
Bee Lin is very friendly to explain Kheng Yu's Concept, Design, Passion to her shoe design pathway.

Brand Kheng Yu : Specialised in Customized Shoe,

Brand LULU : ready to wear, great for a girls like to shopping grab & go!

Brand L3 : Men's Shoe designed by Kheng Yu.

it is my pleasure time to choose my 1st ever pair of Kheng Yu's Designner Shoe!
OMG! this is Very Super hard decision i have to made ever, seen there are more
than 80 pairs of shoe in front of me~ and i only can CHOOSE 1!
still can't decide which shoe should I choose, Angel is Here to rescue me!

Photo Credit from facebook

Yuhoo, Finally Kheng Yu is here!
Hope she can help me choosing a right shoe out of 100 pairs Kheng Yu's Shoe
1st,She congratz me from winning contest from Hulala.com.my
She is a very friendly & down to earth girl!
and she is a petite, me look so giant to her :P

Here you go, my 1st personal shoe consultation with Kheng Yu.
Kheng Yu : You plan to wear your shoe to ?
Devil : (1st Answer)~ My wedding on next year end.
Kheng Yu : what about try to think something pratical !
Devil : (2nd Answer)~ Comfortable Heel goes well with dress and jeans!
and my foot easily sweat, need something non-slip material for base.

Kheng Yu : Here you go with lacey black 4inch heel. the base also lace, is non-slip type.
Devil's mumbling in heart: will it too ladies to me ?
Angel's mumbling in heart: why not, try it something different from your own style!

Devil in action : Okay! let's try it on!
1 mins passed.....

Devil falling in love with this lacey black heels
it makes me looks sexy and feminine!
ON la! pack this for me!

Photo Session with Kheng Yu &  Wua

Wua & Lacey Heels ( Laugh until No Eye See :P)

Thank You Hulala.com.my & Kheng Yu

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eye Candy with all my Sexy black lacy Shoe photo !

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