My Shoe Haul @ CNY 2012

by - January 30, 2012

Tadah! This is my Shoe Haul during before Chinese New Year 2012
total 5 pairs of shoe!
Due to my Grandpa passed away , by hokkien law, we dun celebrate CNY in very happy way.
but for me , i spend my money on shoes instead of new cloths.

Details of every single pair of shoe as below :

*1 Summit aqua color wedges
Price @ RM59.90

*2 Grey Color wedges from Q sweet
Price @ RM15.00
Grab @ Tesco Klang Lama Scott Garden

*3 Black Color high heel Slipper
Price @ RM10.00
Grab @ Wednesday Pasar Malam Kuchai Entrepreneur Park
(nothing fancy about this shoe,
jz comfortable to wear to store next to my house)

*4 Dark Grey & Neon Green Color Nike Inspired Sport Shoe :P
(I'm not that rich to own a pair of real Nike shoes)
Price @ RM40.00
Grab @ Wednesday Pasar Malam Kuchai Entrepreneur Park

*5 This is my most favorite Shoe from Kheng Yu!
it is a CNY gift from Kheng Yu &
Click here to see how i got it ?

I Owned a pair of Kheng Yu Shoe!

Hope it is not too late to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year 2012!

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