140212 - Happy Married-Valentine Day

by - February 22, 2012

Thanks Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe
let us celebrate our 1st married valentine's day!
btw thank you DD, coming all the way from KL to 1utama ,
just for this lovely valentine's day dinner...

OutFit of the Day :
Dress from A.L.L.I.E.N
Handbag from Bonita
Hairband from Bonita

Devil with Winning Letter from Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe.

Yummy Food with Devil!
This starter takes about 1 hours to finish
It is the precious moment to chat with DD!

Couple Mocktail special made for
Valentine's Day Only

- Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon

Winner Board for Our Table :)

DD with Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon

- Creamy Garden Mushroom Bisque

Pan Seared Chicken Chop (Served with French Bean, Mashed Potatoes & Teriyaki Sauce)

Grilled Sea Bass (Served with Sauteed Vegetable, Homemade Mashed Potatoes & Butter Sauce) 

Cam Whoring with DD

Velentine’s Sorbet
Orange Flavor
Sweet & Sour

Decorations of the Valentine's Day
@ Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe
1 Utama

Last & not Least , My Love dedication to DD this Year 2012..
Showed @ Bella NTV7 Valentine's Day Special

Happy Belated Valentine Day 2012!
With DD, EveryDay also Valentine Day!

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