Hiawa Whitening Snow Moisture Serum from WishTrend

星期六, 二月 11, 2012

No preservatives!
Hiawa Whitening Snow Moisture Serum

Make the skin brilliant and vital by whitening with moisturizing
Organic extracts approved by ECOCERT!
Approved whitening funtional effects by KFDA!
Contain 2 kinds of patented ingredients!
Excluding the irritant and harmful ingredients to the skin!

An organic eco whitening moisture serum to remove the freckles, blemishes and age spots in the skin with delivering moisture and vitality into the skin.

♦ No antiseptic, No alcohol, No pigment, No fragrance, Non mineral oil
Can be used for the sensitive skin with an easy mind by excluding the irritant and harmful ingredients to the skin and regulating balance between water and oil.

♦ Help to make the drab skin vital by whitening effect

♦ Double whitening effects without any irritation (Approved whitening functional effects by KFDA)

♦ Contain organic extracts approved by ECOCERT
Organic extracts permeate into the skin and make the skin clear and clean.

♦ High Concentrated Double Moisture Serum

♦ Contain 2 kinds of patented ingredients
Anti-bacterial Substance (Patent #10-0663981) - Unshiu Oil and soothing effects (Patent #10-0887294) - Hollyhock extracts are contained and they help the skin turn back to comfortable condition.

Stay tuned with my review after 1 month usage :)

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  1. I will be blogging about Wishtrend's Products too. :) Nice post!

    xx, Kim


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