Charity Event - Bald Is Empowering

by - February 29, 2012

Why Go Bald?

Campaign duration : Jan 15, 2012 – Mar 8, 2012
Event date : 8th Mar 2012
Venue : Mid Valley A Cut Above
Funds Target : RM200,000

16 ladies will go bald on 8th Mar, 2012 to raise funds for cancer patients. This idea came to me on a lazy afternoon, and I’m taking it as a “calling”. I am sure everyone has experienced this before, when an idea started like a tiny sesame seed, and snowballed into something big.

Instead of just me alone, a few ladies have agreed to go BALD with me for a good cause. There is also a group of big hearted individuals who have volunteered for this project. All funds collected will go to those who need cancer treatment.

No cancer patients choose to have it, but cancer have a pick on them. Not only facing the deteriorating mental and physical health but also some could be in bad financial situation. We can’t help treating them but we can contribute a little by helping the poor financially. Knowing that they are valued by others is an important psychological factor in helping them to forget the negative aspects of their lives, and thinking more positively about their environment.
Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer affecting women. One in 19 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. About 4,000 women are diagnosed each year, mostly between 35-60 years old with 40% affecting those below the age of 50.

Cervical cancer is the 3rd most common cancer, accounting for 11% of all cancers in women. Over 1100 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer in Malaysia each year. Risk of cervical cancer increases after 30 years old and peaks at ages 60–69 years old.

Hair, breasts and the ovaries are all symbols of femininity to a woman. From diagnosis to treatment, it is a painful process which is beyond our imagination. We hope that besides providing financial aid, this event also shows the ladies that many out there care for them, thereby strengthening their will to fight the diseases.

You can help do to be a part of this memorable and meaningful event. All forms of contributions are welcome with open arms 

1/ Share this event on your wall and with your networks,

2/ Make a donation,

3/ Volunteer for the event, or

4/ Provide sponsorship, press and media coverage.

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