Food Review : Ming Ren Restaurant Genting

by - July 05, 2012

Have you guy been to Ming Ren Restaurant 名人@ Highlands Hotel, Genting Hotel.
The Concept of Ming Ren is a gourmet restaurant that specializes in authentix Xinjiang-Style cuisine and Chinese fine dining. Xinjiang literally translates into Now Frontier or New Boundary. likewise, Ming Ren Restaurant is dedicated to opening up new frontiers in exquisite culinary experience while pushing the boundaries of taste and luxury.

The interior design concept for Ming Ren Restaurant harmoniously blends Chinese artistry with contemporary sensibilities, creating a welcoming ambience that is both Oriental and luxurious, The Restaurant is bedecked with extravagant Chinese antiques alongside modernized interpretations of traditional elements, including an elegant bamboo partition and stylized texture wall restaurant resembles the  glow of a Chinese Lantern, while the yellow-gold carpeting lends the venue an elegant air. 

VIP room can accommodating up to 12 guests

Let's Start's Your Yummy Journey with Devil's

Lamb Pie

different with other normal pie you eat.
chicken mushroom pie, fruit pie.
it comes with bites size , and very crispy pastry.

Catch the Lamb - Milky Lamb Soup with Onion & Vegetables
(chef tell us this soup need 2 days to cook , so you need to pre-order the soup in advance)

there are 3 way to drink this soup.
1st : Drink it originally, without adding any spices.
2nd : Drink it with Zi Ran Spices

3rd : Drink it with Curry Powder
(Devil like it with original taste without any spices)

Xinjiang Lamb Ribs Grilled in Traditional Xinjiang Style
Juicy Rib !~

Golden Crispy Fried Prawns Dressed with Fruits & Cooked with Wasabi
not too strong with wasabi taste,
the prawn very fresh.

Stir-Fried Scallops with Lily Bulbs, Sweet Corn & Hawaiian Nuts

fresh and crispy after having alot of meat and heavy meal. 

La Mien served with Herbal Lamb Shoulder Soup

Cook for 5-6 hours for this soup.
the Ramen is not sticky! Doink Doink.

Stir-fried Battered Brinjal with Garlic

Stewed Xinjiang Lamb Leg
No MSG added, No Herb added , Only Garlic .
100% Yummy!

this is Devil's 1st Choice Favorite Dish @ Ming Ren Restaurant.
the stewed sauce is awesome and warm enough for genting weather. 

Special Xinjiang Almond & Pistacho Ice Cream
there is lamb inside the Ice Cream!
lamb cooked until soften, blend until smooth with almond and frozen it as ice cream

this is very different ice-cream i had try.
Ice cream with a Lamb taste.

Enjoy You Lunch! 

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