The Pool X Corset Me

by - July 03, 2012

❤ Corset Me offer good quality design corsets and deliver to your door wherever you are! 

Corset Me ❤ holds a range of very diverse corset designs that is suitable for almost any event or function and even for office wear!

So be creative and be bold, be daring, be different, be YOU ❤

Check it Out the Burlesque Splash Sunday Party @ The Pool. 

Harley Davidson Style

I created this look myself.
Wild Wild Cat!

(I Heart this Doll Corset Alot,
I should grab it for my Previously ROM,
Why I Dun Spot Corset Previosly.)

There is some games going on with 2 contestant need to put on the corset for the muscules man,
is it possible to fit into men's body???
Yes They Can Make It!
Mandy was the fastest to win the games.

(Princess Look, Black & Pink)

Red Color Range
(Satin Material with Lace Details.)

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