Gamila Sercet : RM35 E-Vochers Appreciation Campaign

by - August 26, 2012

Story of Gamila Secret
Gamila Hiar was born on August 20, 1940, in a village called Peki’in in the Galilee. Her devotion to make nourishing skin care products started at the age of 20, when she sacrificed a few hours of sle
ep each night to make soap after her daily chores. She was inspired by her father, an expert on plants and an authority on medical herbs. Withi
n a few years, Gamila Hiar discovered her talent to mix the right herbs and cook them in a specific order to create a substance with a nourishing effect. After more than 40 years, Gamila Hiar developed a secret recipe formula based on her wisdom of nature: Gamila Secret.

Gamila Secret is made from no less than fifteen fully active wild herbs, born in a base of shea butter and six pure plant oils, including first cold pressed olive oil. The process of controlled cooking, with ingredients being added at different moments to accomplish the best result, is the real secret.

RM35 E-Vochers Appreciation Campaign : Thanks to the support from Malaysia Gamila Secret Fans

RM35 E-Vochers are giving way to people who have Liked us on Facebook and registered as an official member from the day we started. And this giving away campaign will end it on 31st August 2012. 

All the E-vouchers shall email to our fans within 7 working days. The vouchers are ONLY applicable to used it on Gamila Secret Malaysia website. It is free shipping within the region of Malaysia.

The expiration date: 30 September 2012

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