Sexy Elegant is Devil's Style .. Agree ??

by - August 27, 2012

I got a personal fashion consulting by Vichi, Vivian.
1st she will ask you some personal detail as below like your lifestyle, job, style.
then she will analysis via your answer and your photo.
let check out what's she recommendation for my style & cloths
from Vichi.

*Your age
*Your pictures: (your Full body picture, the more pictures you provide, the better it is we can analyse for you=) 
(any clothes you want to wear)
*The style you prefer:
*What styles do you not like?
*Do you like wearing accessories?
*What kind of accessories that you have?
*Your occupation? 
*Any event(s) that you are going for?

Through the pictures I have seen on you, sexy elegant is your style. You may try something like one shoulder off dress, such as .There are 3 colours for this design which are blue,black and grey.  In my opinion, I think blue is yr colour for this dress with black heels which is the prefer suit for any special events.  It is gorgeous and sexy elegant.  Just which to share with you, Armani Exchange has one gorgeous one shoulder off dress too.  You may take at this .


Besides, you may also  take this dress as reference.  The unique of this dress is the length of this dress which is short on the front, and long at the back.  This type of dress is currently very hot in market and on trend.  Besides, it can shown the gorgeousness with famine of you. 

We do have white on this dress too of course it is absolutely suitable for any events such events launching or of course clubbing. Why not?=)))

You like something simple with abit of sexy?^^
Try something like this . This hot chili is yr colour in showing the body figures that you have =) This is simple and hot with some accessories like big bangle that you have or necklace! I also through of this . This is something simple and sexy which you can match with a jeans for casual wear or for a movie perhaps!^^

Do you have something cheetah print dress or jumpsuit? It is currently on fashion trend something like this?  You can see it on dorothy perkins, zara, anywhere.  Why not get one for yrself too if you don't have one?=) I think it really looked good on you!
(Yeap!! Devil agree with Vivian's Suggestion on this Cheetah print Jumpsuit look good on Me!)

You like something looked sporty?
Get something like sporty maxi dress such as Do you have a converse shoes? This will be looked great on you with a pair of converse and converse bag.  Ain't it looked cool especially wear something sporty during the weekends and hang out with your buddies?=) Keep heels aside and like yr feet feels comfortable right?

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