Do You Know - Your Tooth need a Polish too!

by - October 25, 2013

Did you polish your car, scrub your body & face? Yes ??!!
What about Teeth ? NO...
Do you know you need to polish you tooth as well?
Today i am going to tell you why & how to polish your teeth!
Why you need a pearly white teeth ?
 They brighten up your smile and appearance and are a sign of good dental health & beauty. Sadly with many food we eat and drinks we drink everyday like Coffee & Tea (Hands-Up Me, Coffee Addict!!)  can cause surface stains on teeth that cannot be easily removed by brushing and flossing alone. Smoking & drinking red wine also cause teeth to become discoloured. 

How you going to polish your teeth ? 
The new Pearl Drops Professional Intensice White tooth polish works through a 4D whitening system - it cleans, whitens, protects and shines. It can be used safelt every day to polishing away stains and plaque and restoring the whiteness to teeth.
It contains Perlite, the same whitenig ingredient used by dentists to help remove and prevent stains caused by coffee,tea,smoking & red wine. Perlite is a naturally occuring siliceous rock that is striking for its white color after expanding under high heat. 
(by using Pearl white everyday, seem like doing teeth whitening at dental clinic, how cool is it!)

Pearl Drops Professional Intensice White was almost as gentle as brushing with just water!

Grab your Pearl Drops Professional Intensive White tooth Polish is sold at the Introductory Price of RM39.90 till November instead of RM49.90

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