Kiss Me X Sunway Lagoon

by - October 24, 2013

I am going to tell how's Kiss Me Event that happens early of Oct.
Thanks for Manoah & Kiss Me invites, I managed to join the awesome Bikini Party!
from this bikini party, I managed to know what i phobia/scare of, what i dare to, what i want for a long lasting !
let me show you one by one !

Most Long Lasting Eyeliner & Mascara in Sunway Lagoon!

Most Girls jumps into the pool at 1 time in Sunway Lagoon!
To grab the Best Kiss Me Sunkiller SunBlock!

Crocky, Say Cheese to the Camera!
Surprisingly I don't scare of any of this Giant Crocky,
we need to find out wording"WILD LIFE" from the aquarium.

Perfect Match for Kayaking Challenge,
They are done within 3 mins

OMG, this is really scare me off from the scream park!
Even I already knows the REAL person to be there and scare you,
but the feeling been in the dark area is not my thing!
within like less than 2 mins also everlasting time for me to escape from the room!

Most Dizzy Challenge I Had for like about 3 years before,

360 degree turning & Screaming Again!
cant even walk properly right after the ride!
starts to feel old already.... hmmmmm....

Our Most Funny Cry from Octopus Team!
Push! Push! Push! We are OctoPus!

Pampering Section after all the challenge!
Hairdo & Makeup!

Prize Giving for the Winners,
we got the consolation prize :)
Goodies Bag Prepared By Kiss Me!

Surprise Giveaway time from Kiss Me!
Quite a number Star Products from Kiss Me to Draw.

Bravo for all the Girls and Kiss Me!
(Photo from Kiss Me )

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