The First Camel Milk in Malaysia - Camelus Brand

星期二, 四月 05, 2016

The First Camel Milk in Malaysia - Camelus Brand
I am honour to be the first to witness the pre-launching of Camelus Brand, tasting camel milk cookies and drink camel milk coffee at their HQ, Batu Caves which quite near to my house!

I am so excited and also curious about benefit of camel milk.
Camel Milk contain a lot of nutrients in terms of recover illness,  vitamin C for strengthen teeth and gums care, have low fat and cholesterol compared to cow milk, goat milk because it enrich with potassium, iron and mineral such as sodium and magnesium, can accelerate internal injuries cure, gastric and surgical wound. It also contain high insulin to process sugar into energy preventserious diseases, improve brain function and communication skills.Furthermore, camel milk helps to maintain and reducing level of blood sugar.

 first we are been served with various of camel milk cookies,
I love their red velvet cookies!
Can I have More please?

Explaination by Head of Strategy and Corporate Planning , En.Azhar Sulaiman on company profiles, benefits of camel milk, and products.

Next, Coffee Tasting Session!
Coffee is my favourite! now with camel milk some more !
Must be something different, is it smell like camel? haha!

but once I taste the 1st sip, NO! NO! NO, Smell Nothing Weird!

I can feel the different of camel milk and dairy in premixed coffee.
creamier and feeling, make coffee smell stronger!
Fast! Let Out to the Market Very Very Soon!
I wan to bundle Shopping for the camel milk original coffee!

Not A coffee drinker?

Never mind,  they have Camel Milk with Teh Tarik Gaharu, Camel Milk Chocolate Cereals for you to choose from!

Beauty Supplement available for 
Palmabrand too!

 as camel milk is 
good for the skin as a moisturizer and sunscreen with no chemical additives and also able to be health supplement and medicine respiratory disease.

Interested to join as agent / stockist and earn some pocket money ?
They even provided free training , good incentive for agents
To understand more HERE 

Address :-
Palmabrand Camel Milk Sdn Bhd
No. 33-M, Jalan DBP Dolomite Business park
68100 Batu Caves, Selangor
Tel : 03-6178 7846

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  1. Wow.. awesome milk from camel, many advantage and excited to get it. Thanks sharing.

  2. Camel milk? This is very new to me.. First time hearing this~

  3. woahhhhh.. big picture. hehe. i wanna try too!

  4. looking lovely Wendy. Wow this is new to me, I wanna try too hehe

  5. first time heard of this brand...the packaging looks not bad :) i wanna try too

  6. Hmmm... camel milk huh... I heard they drink it in Mekkah... am a little undecided if I would try it or not... hahahah

  7. Camel milk ? I really don't know that we can use it to made so many food. Need to try it out.

  8. camel milk?
    seriously? wow.. should be interesting to try out.

  9. Didn't know about this until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  10. Omg its my first time get to know about camel milk. I hope I can try it too.

  11. oh nvr try camel milk before...interesting...