Saving with SSPN-i Plus & Win Big!

by - May 10, 2016

Remember the previous posting about SSPN-i PLUS Saving I mentioned last month.
Today I am going to share with you more attractive reasons to have an SSPN-i Plus Account!
You can earn extra pocket money from SSPN-i Plus EPO!

New Intan package was launched last Friday , Monthly Commitment as low as RM30 ! Why NOT!
What if RM30 wins you a luxury car?

Wonder how all this works , Checks Out Now!

By having an active SSPN-i Plus account
You are eligible to win a luxury car like them!
1 x Honda HRV might be your next round!

not only 4 cars is given away from Cabutan Wow!
But 8 cars, This 4 winner get themselves a BMW 5Series
the lady in pink tudung from Kelantan, she only opens SSPN-i Plus account 6 months 
How Lucky she is!

SSPN-i Plus lucky draw draws every 3 months which mean 4 times yearly !
just keep your SSPN-i Plus account active by the bank in money consistent via online banking or PTPTN Counters

Join now before 31 May 2016!
you stand a chance to an apartment cost RM500,000.000
are all these attractive prizes makes you open an SSPN-i Plus account now?
Interested to open an SSPN-i Plus , Click Here .

Benefit of SSPN-í Plus
- sharia-compliant
- Tax relief of up to RM12,000
- Commitment low as RM30
- Competitive dividend
- No medical examination
- Takaful benefits for death (accident) up to RM1,000,000
- Death benefits including a couple and 3 children.
- Takaful benefits for 36 critical illnesses
- Allowance hospitalization
- 24h protection worldwide
- Eligible to apply for PTPTN
- Government-guaranteed savings

This  is your golden opportunity to earn some pocket money by the register as an  Ejen Online Ptptn (EPO), I am 1st few as an EPO in Malaysia!

I love their slogan #MustDuit (Must Do It !)

Earn As Much As You Can for Your Own Leisure! Low Commitment!

Ejen Online Ptptn (EPO) is a registered agent with PTPTN to market SSPN-i Plus online or face to face (EPO only) and will be eligible for a commission at the rate set for each transaction opening new accounts SSPN-i Plus and additional deposits are managed (EPO only).
PTPTN Online Agent Registration open to all Malaysians aged 18 years and above.
Registration is FREE.

Benefit as EPO

- Lucrative commission
- Unlimited & Ongoing earnings
- A Business Without Capital
- Flexible Work Hours
- Easy Operation  
- Training / Coaching Awarded
- Ongoing Marketing Support
- Market Size Without Borders
- Not Cash Transactions involved
- Encourage Saving Society
- Shariah-compliant products

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