LaTest B3nT0 GaDgeT

by - August 28, 2008

My Lat3st GadGet - As UpDated @ 25 AugUst 2008
I dunno Y I Can Addicted To BenTo-Ing,
Nowadays Can Even Shopping Bento EquipMent 2 SingaPore.
HaHa, Cant Imaging If i Going to TraveLing 2 My DreamLand { YokoSO Japan).....
I May Jz Back With Baggy Of Cooking Equipment!!! AiyoYo!! HahaHa
SO... From Now On, MONEY SAVING PLAN.... As With My Best Friend ( Wai San) , Goal For 2 Year Time Lat3r ! We Must In Japan HokkaiDo!! Haha!!! {YoKoSO!!!)

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