~ AwaITiNg 19Th Of SePt (*3*)v ~ SHoPpInG DaY!!

by - September 16, 2008

NeVer Be3n 2 IS3tan Pre-Sales DaY,
Se3N I am fre3 N BroWs3 ThrU My Aunti3 IsEtAn BroChure .

Th3 PriC3 Is So AttRacTiVe!! Can LeSs MoRe ThaN 50 % OO~~
CanT WaIT ThIS DaY 2 CoMe !
PlAn 2 BuY SoMe X'Mas PreSent For Every One! (KeEp 1St Mar!!)
MuMmy N i FaVoRiTe Gre3n T3a In Low Price!
EvEN a PaDiNi JeAn Pants ASo LeSs ThaN RM50 OO..

No MaTtEr HoW, I Will Be The ShoPhoLiC For 1 Day!!

19Th Of S3pT !! HeRe V Go!!!

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