My 1St SkIn 79 Bb Cr3aM

by - September 18, 2008

LoNg TiMe DiN BuY CosMeTic , ThiS Tim3 I Bought A Kor3a FamOuS BrAnd, SkIn 79.
SelDom Got In MaRk3t , Jz On9 SeLlIng AlOt!(Tis Is The BeNeFiT Of On9 ShOpPiNg!!)
HeRe I ShOw U all ,My New Bb( BleMish Balm ) Cr3am..

HoT PiNk Bb Cr3am.
Actually It Is Small Trial ,
As Small As A HandPhoNe HanG3r.

AnOTh3r SmAlL TiNy Bb Cr3aM,
GolD LaB3L, MOre To Moisture Ur SkiN N Wrinkle Free
Q! Q! ~ SmaLl! SmAll!

ThIs One iS BiG SIzE Oh!

Derma RX, As It Is 4 My Bro

SaiD Can Cov3r On PimPle Scar

HoP3 De SCaR ReAlLy Can CoVer AbiT, N He Will B MoR3 CoNFiDenT

HeRe Is De FaMiLy PhOTo Of SkIn 79

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