Buffday Gift, 生日礼物

by - December 30, 2008

Buffday Gift, 生日礼物

1st From Wai San Sister..
Is YSL Babydoll Miniture, N Masks
P/S : Dont forget Our Mission Oh... Haha
She Knoe I am A Beauty Kakis, So All She Bought Also Beauty Of thingy Oo
As She Is "Miniture" , So My Present also In "Miniture" Haha >.<""

2ndly From Dear Dear ,
A Big Pooh Head @.@
It Is a Soft Beaned Pooh, Where I Get Stress, I can "Picit" Watever I like... Haha Kejam Kan..
So Soft And Adorable. It Capture In Dear Dear's Car With Sunny Day.

3rdly A Not Consider A Buffday Present But A X'mas Present For Bonnie
She Sent All De Way from KK, Sabah To Me, A Devil Teng Teng..
It Is Very Very Cute Bento Box That Very Very Rare In Kuala Lumpur
I LIke It So Much , 1 Is Kitty / Mouse Figure, 1 Pink Pink Piggy..
De One, U Think Is A Kitty ??? or A Mouse??? Anyone Can Tell Me????
Anyway Thanks Bonnie

Last But Not Least. From Danny
1set 6 in 1 Estee Lauder lipgloss & De Bodyshop Grape Fruit Series
Another Cosmestic For Me, So Nice....

See It Is Overall Wat I got For My 23rd birthday Lo..
Tomolo Continue With My Celebrate Birthday Timeout ..

Happy New Year 2009 !!

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