by - September 07, 2009

Miu Miu 主办了 ~10个无购物日挑战~ 7th September - 16th September, 2009 (11.59pm).

10 Days No Shopping Challenge starts officially today and which is organised by Tammy (Miu Miu) from http://www.plusizekitten.blogspot.com/ and it literally means no shopping (only allowed consumption of food less than RM100) allowed for the next 10 days.

10 Days No Shopping Challenge T&C
  • 不可以买鞋子,衣服,化妆品,礼物和其他的东西
  • Shopping for shoes, clothes, cosmetics, presents, etc is not allowed!

The goal of this challenge is to see if we can survive 10days WITHOUT SHOPPING
这个挑战的宗旨是 ~ 看看“10天无购物的日子,我们可否生存呢?”~

So each day she will give us a task to complete to be in the running to be the winner.
在这个挑战里,某某人可以在“诚实”情况下成功的在10天无购物日里生存, 就是赢家了!
In this contest , one has to be completely honestly to his/her self as this is a voluntary challenge that one wants to take up to live without shopping。
不只如此,她还送出anna sui产品(价值RM200)哦!
And she is giving her precious Anna Sui products worth RM200 to the winner !

My Pledge for the 10-DAY No SHOPPING Challenge!

2) Review The FreeBies That I Had Used
3) Look For Freebies from Time to Time instead of Buying It
4) Continue Write All My Old Old Story Blog..

我也希望我可以战胜这个挑战! 省! 省! 省!

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