~ Tsuya-Tsuya Workshop ~

by - November 28, 2009

Bcoz of CY , i got a chance to attended Tsuya-Tsuya Workshop
That Held @ Mid Valley (27/11/09)

Theme of Sassy Girl Look
at 1st Make Up artist KF Bong are explained to Us.
Wat Should have To Do As "Korean Sassy Girl "

  1. EyeBrown Must Be Thick
  2. Lip Color To be Natural/Nude Color
  3. Flawless Skin / Light Makeup

He is Started to Explain Wat is BB Cream Stand For,
Wat Use Of Bb Cream, Function Of Bb Cream,

Workplace For Every Participant,
Tsuya- Tsuya Bb Cream, Tsuya- Tsuya Mascara/Voluming Fiber + Lengthning Fiber.
Tsuya- Tsuya MakeUp Remover

Wua Korean Sassy Girl Look ,
For me , overall are very very fine,
I like The Gel Eyeliner, at 1st i never used the purple color ,
used the brown color as eye shadow, and black color as a eyeliner.
As the Brown eyeliner can as a eye brown color,
but must be blend it very very fine and light.If not will be "关公”haha!

Mascara Really Need to Pratice, Never Using Mascara For a Long Time。。。。

Wua Korean Sassy Girl Look Wua Korean Party Glam Look
different from "Sassy Girl Look" is

  1. the eyeliner at undereye is darker and touch on the "Wetline" of the eye
  2. the eyeshadow also goes darker.
  3. the lipcolor goes more red/pinker compare from "Sassy Girl Look"

I tried Out the Purple Color Eyeliner At Last...
(as a single eyelid for years,
purple is seem like our enemies in make up life @.@, )
But Tsuya-Tsuya Purple Eyeliner Very impress me that,
the purple color are not so purpliss as i tot. it like the black in purpliss.

Thanks To KF Bong 老师,Teach me the Sassy Girl Look & Patry Glam Look !

Finally Today (Saturday)
I grabbing the Very 1st purple eyeliner from Tsuya-Tsuya ,
It come with a brush as well.

Have A Nice Weekend ! Every Reader

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