Goodskin Lab Workshop by MWW

by - November 15, 2009

In the early morning, I wake up and same routine as usual,
but there are some different that, I am NOT wearing any make up , jz a tinted moisturizer..
then I make a move to 1u @ reach on 9.45am.
Ooh, all the lift and escalator are automatic set that open @ 10am,
so I nid to stay in the car for 15min , anyway, I reach there I called & smsed to lavender,
once I reach the garden café there, not yet started the registration. Then I jz walk awhile.
By the time , 10.15, I register myself and meet up with lavender,
There are having some food and beverage to be served.
Then the Diva Production crew are helping us to remove any other make-up on the face .

Then about 10.45am , it going to started a demonstration, and lavender are being a model of the Day .. there are some introduction of the good skin lab product..

Step 1 : Citra Peel Step 1
My Review :
Abit pain pain(tingling) de .
but after 2 min , then okay already
As it content of citrus acid.

Step 2 : Citra Peel Step 2
My Review:
After 5min with Step 1, then follow with this one, I like this one as it is very very soothing and brighter after this.

Step 3 : Eyliplex2-Day Cream( reduce puffiness )
My Review:
I tried it out but dun really see an instant result on it,
maybe I should try it the night cream (work as remove dark circle)

Step 4 : Tri-Aktiline ( Wrinkles Filler)
( Tri = means focus on 3 area which are eye crowd , laugh line, forehead )
(Tips : Patting on the area. It can used after make up.)
My Review:
Haha, Hmm….
I am Too Young On This Product,
1st at all , I have no idea where should I put on.
then as the Consultant told me to put on my laugh line,
YES, it is a different there.

Step 5 : Smooth-365
My Review:
This is the Item I Most Interested,
After Apply the Tri-Aktiline, then follow by the smooth-365,
this product I am amazing with the texture & result as well
I can feel my face and more brighter & skin tone are more even.

Then there are the make up touch up for the entire participant.

Having a picture with lavendar

Overall, I am really enjoy the workshop.

P/S: did u see my tiny hat, Are my 1st DIY Hair Accessories.
( which inspired From BuayaWing )

Tutorial To be Up Soon :)

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