Introduction of MABIC

by - October 28, 2011

Powerful Man Behind MABIC!

Who’s  MABIC?
The Malaysian Association of Brand & Image Consultants(MABIC) is the firsr and laegest professional association of brand & image consultant in Malaysia . A non-profit organization.

What’s MABIC mission?
To inspire individual to attain higher level of self achievement through cutting edge image and skills training. For more information. Visit

What’s the objective of MABIC?
To set the standards  an to bring together individuals to share ideas and  latest development in the areas of Branding and Image.

In conjunction with the official launch, MABIC will host their inaugural Red Carpet Modelling Conference 2011. Highlight of the conference include Style and Image  Talks,
Photography Posing, Fashion Shows, Modeling and Catwalk Seminar. A total of 350 corporate executives from various GLCs and MNCs will be present at the conference and to witness the official launch.

Stay tuned with my journey with Red Carpet Modelling Conference 2011. 
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