Review : FreshKon Dezigner - Pink Solitaire

by - April 10, 2012

Wanna To Know how to achieve this stunning look ?
Stay back and check it out !

(Hint: Freshkon Dezigner Contact Lens)

Freshkon Dezigner is the choice of fashion contact lenses with it’s unique, groovy printed lens patterns for delightfully gorgeous eyes. It offers a signature look for every fashion-conscious young woman like YOU! YOU! & YOU!!

Dezigner suitable for person who :
• An extrovert, not shy at all, and enjoys attention
• Likes groovy, quirky clothes, accessories, hairstyles,
  music and art
• Likes to be considered a trendsetter
• Keen on Japanese and Korean trends
• Likes to shop at unique boutiques/outlets
• Love the details on fashion wears
• Likes mixing and matching fashion wears and
• Like to look out for fashion references and create one’s
  own unique style

Whooah! It Sounds Like Me, DEVIL’s Personality!
Yes! It is My Contact Len’s Way to wearing for fashion purpose!

I like their slogan as My Design, My Signature:


Here Devil’s starts my journey with Freshkon Dezigner Pink Solitaire..
To be more fashionable & groovy!

Solitaire, the first series in the Dezigner range to be launched, features a multi-faceted diamond cut design that frames the iris and gives it a sassy and gorgeous look.

Devil’s with Freshkon Dezigner Pink Solitaire ON!
Fashionista! Don’t leave home without make up & dress up!

Close up with make-up & false lashes on…

My Outfit of the Day 010412
Fluffy Long sleeve chiffon shirt
short polka dot blue skirt

With this FreshKon Dezigner Solitaire Series,
you can have varies of style as you can see I created :

Sweet as Candy Princess with Ribbon Bow Hand Clip.

FreshKon Dezigner goes well with Funky Trendy big frame!

What to say about this look?
Teacher Look?
Mature Look?
Nice still with FreshKon Dezigner…

innocent look as it is 18 year old girl.

Hong Kong Star Look !
Compliment from my friend @ facebook. Here

I’ll never leave home without this FreshKon Dezigner Contact Lens !
FreshKon Dezigner as part of my fashion accessories as well.!!

My Overall rating : 8/10
after 8 hours wearing FreshKon Dezigner for an outing
My eye won’t feel any dryness because it has 55% water content.
My eye feels very comfortable as its’ Hydrophlic (water-loving) surface

Freshkon Dezigner lens is selling at RM65 per box
which contains of one pair monthly lens.

FreshKon Dezigner available in 4 shades :

Pink Solitaire, A pretty pink that gives an angelic  impression .

Green Solitaire, A sultry and intriguing shade for confident, dashing girls

Aqua Solitaire, Cool and calm, this is a blue which looks very ‘in control’

Orange Solitaire. A natural, sun-kissed orange that is lovable and approachable

Freshkon Dezigner lens promotion


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