My 1st LipArt - Black Lip with gold polka dots

by - September 04, 2012

My 1st LipArt - Black Lip with gold polka dots

1st - Moisture Your Lips with Lip Plumper
I am using Skin Nutrition Lip Plumper 

2nd - Conceal Your own lips olor and lines with concealer
I am using Max Factor Concealer.# 1 Ivory.
Conceal lips as above,
add more lipcare to moisture and plump up the lines.
Wondering how Devil have Black Lipstick??
No, devil dun have black lipstick at all!
~See how devil transform a black eye shadow to lipstick~

Put the clear lipgloss on your back hand. 

take the black eye shadow and mix with the clear lipgloss
mix it until the texture is great for lips.

dab on the pearl white glitter eye shadow on top of the black lips!

Zombie Look @ Devil,

Another 2 more Lip Art I have Done as well.
Gradiant Pink
1st outer layer : Red lipstick
2nd outer layer : purple lipstick
Inner layer : dab on light purple powder. 

with Max Factor Flipstick , # Swingy Brown 35.

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