My Fashion and Beauty Inspiration

by - September 02, 2012

Wanna Know who's Devil's Fashion and Beauty Inspiration??
It;s combination western & eastern culture.
daring & colorful!
Check It Out~~~~

My Fashion Inspiration is Lady Gaga!
Bold Lip Color & Eye Liner Is my Favorite Now!
Dun Care about Other Person's Thinking , Be Unique & Special!

My Beauty Inspiration is : 
牛尔老师,Kevin老师, 小凯老师,柳燕老师还有林叶亭老师
a list of taiwan beauty guru!

a half a century man, a child affected by the mother's cosmetics sales, maintenance products curious about the age of twelve to start using skin care products, and their own home kitchen materials modulated into the mask to use, since graduating from medical schoolafter they entered the beauty industry. 18 years, are among the best-selling champion "Niu Er beauty book - a comprehensive maintenance DIY" with Niu Er whitening book, "Aromatherapy Bible" to lay its beauty care experts. Worked for well-known brands in Europe and America Body Shop (Body shop), Sisley cosmetics company as marketing, education and training, and company spokesman duties on several occasions during the UK studied aromatherapy and cosmetic beauty expertise, domestic maintenance The product front line reporters hailed as "
a new generation of beauty guru.

牛尔,一位年近半百的男子,小时候因受到母亲销售化妆品的影响,对保养品充满好奇心,十二岁时开始使用保养品,并自行将家里厨房材料调制成面膜使用,自医学院毕业后,便踏入美容界。18年期间,著有每本都名列畅销冠军的「牛尔的爱美书-全面保养DIY」、「牛尔的嫩白书」、「芳疗圣经」等,奠定其美容保养专家的地位。曾任职欧美知名品牌美体小铺(Body shop)、Sisley化妆品公司担任行销、教育训练及公司发言人的职务,期间曾多次赴英、法研习芳香疗法及化妆保养等美容专业知识,被国内保养品一线记者喻为「新一代美容教主」。

恶魔是一个爱美如命的小女人.爱尝试新的护肤产品,化装品, 没有停止的倾向,越买越多,才是过瘾!
我的偶像可不是k-POP,明星,歌星!而是牛尔老师,Kevin老师, 小凯老师,柳燕老师还有林叶亭老师! 

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