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by - January 15, 2015


Now you can save on paper towels, save costs, save earth.
With Mitsubishi Electric’s Jet Towel – the original High-Speed Hand Dryer since 1993

Why Mitsubishi Electric’s Jet Towel?

User Friendly
 Open-Side Design
The dryer is open on both sides, enabling easy hand access from the side without touching the unit. Inserting hands from the sides as shown in the photo, and slowly raising and lowering them a few times maximizes drying performance.

Upper & Lower Sensor Operation
For smooth and reliable operation, the dryer is equipped with upper and lower sensors. Once hands are fully inside, lower sensor detection starts the airflow, and when hands are removed completely, upper sensor detection stops the dryer, preventing water drops from blowing back up. The New Slim Type is equipped with a "Child Sensor" further enhancing operation ease.
Start detection sensor is located in the lower side of the trough.

Comfortable Positioning

Development included studying a hand insertion angle comfortable and easy to use for a majority of people. As the result, the front panel is gently slanted outward, creating a ergonomic hand insertion angle of approximately 15º that allow users to stand comfortably and naturally when inserting their hands into the trough

Spacious Hand-drying Zone
The volumetric area of the hand-drying section has been increased approx. 1.4 times (to 6.8L from 5L of our previous model*). The more spacious touch-free design increases the hygienic value of the unit and ensures improved user ease for people with large hands.

Children-conscious Design

For younger children,*1 who are not so tall, the upper part of the front panel has been lowered and a "Child Sensor" added to the upper hand-drying section to ensure detection of small hands. Even if hands cannot reach deep inside, this sensor will detect them and start/stop unit accordingly. Additionally, expanding on the original open-side design, children too can use the unit to dry their hands while standing at a relaxing, normal posture.

*1: At least 125cm in height

The motor is a key part of the Jet Towel. Accordingly, Mitsubishi Electric has developed a durable, high-quality brushless DC motor (Slim Series) designed for use 400 times a day for seven years. Eliminating problems related to the wear-and-tear on motor brushes ensures truly efficient power and stable operation for extended periods of time.

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