Mitsubishi Electric Refrigerator L4Grande

星期四, 一月 15, 2015

You Can Have Fresh Vegetable as Farm without going to Farm?
Wondering How!
Let me introduce you  Mitsubishi Electric Refrigerator L4Grande

Why Mitsubishi Electric Refrigerator?
Distributes uniform cooling air via 6 temperature regulating points in the refrigerator, to all shelves. 
Minus Ion is to increase moisture inside the fridge and to preserve nutritional valur of food.

It can rapidly make 100 ice cubes in half the time required with less “anxious ” noise and its UV light remove Chlorine and lead to make ice cubes

the solidity of the material enables you to store more as maximum weight out shelves can withstand is up to 100 Kgs
(You can Put as Heavy As you Can, Maybe good for During Halloween , Big Pumpkin )

enables you to easily removes shelves our refrigerators to accommodate your storing needs
(How About You buy 2 week supplies with this 3-way flexishelf)

allows vertical movement of the shelves and customization on storage space

Keeping your food tasty and fresh, also preserve energy loss by reminding you when the door is not closed for 1 min.
(Oh, Yes! I need this, I always forget to close tight, melted my favourite ICE CREAM / Chocolate inside refridgerator !)

* Vitamin Factory 
The triple-coloured LED light which help to increase vitamins 1.5 times acts as a “miniature sun” to help promote longer-lasting freshness, sustain nutrient, and increase vitamins in vegetables 
(remember I mentioned 2 week supplies, then 2 weeks vegetables / fruits supply also won’t spoil easily!)

* Active Vio DeoDorizer
Evenly circulating fresh Cooling Air with a deodorizing, anti-bacterial element in every space, keeps your food fresher and safer.

* Double Anti-Bacterial Food Liner 

It is used of Difficult to clean areas of the fridge that regularly come into contact with food, to keep the food fresher for longer periods of time.

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