Kelantan Delight- Citta Mall

by - July 14, 2015

I am here to introduce about Kelantan Delight!
authentic Kelantan cuisine that you can find in klang valley
not much people in malaysia have not yet try kelantan cuisine.
i can tell you the differences of kelantan cuisine is more creamy, sweeter, similar to Thailand cuisine 

assorted kerabu to starts your appetite!
Sour & spicy spike up your buka puasa mood

here really got all the memories of my kelantan trip
sambal kelapa, nasi kerabu, nasi minyak & etc

other than kelantan dishes,
it come with the thailand dishes as well
mango salad, miang kam.

Laksam is a creamy coconut milk with rice cake.
dressing with serunding!

there you go with the dessert part,
Jala Emas is kelantan cuisine speciality, made of egg yolk.
and other malay kuih-muih to end the meal!

RM77 Nett(Adult)
RM38 Nett (Children)

For Inquiry Please Call/Sms/whatsapp

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