Alternative Solution for Body Odor

by - March 22, 2016


Today I am going to introduce a special supplement!
Eliminated body odor with supplement, gave you stamina!
And it might get you back into sweet marriage life!
Let me explain further More !

这HARUM MALAM 就是你要找的营养辅助品!

- Supplements helps to eliminated body odor?
- Smell nice without perfume & deodorant touch up when in hot weather?
Yes, Harum Malam is the Choice if you have any one of it answered YES.

HARUM MALAM不会让你像擦上香水/除臭剂那么的香,
特别适合现在的天气开始饮用HARUM MALAM。
刚刚我有说到,HARUM MALAM还是女人的恩物,
因为HARUM MALAM有收缩子宫+减少白带的的功能。

I tried it for 1 week, i can assured to tell you that the result is great!
with this kind of hot weather, sweating is a must to everywhere, no matter you are in the air-conditional or outdoor area, what if you can have a supplement that eliminated the body odor without have deodorant / perfume touch up anytime, last min you have a meeting rushing from lunch.
And I really surprise the result of Harum Malam on me for body odor problem.
i understand that body odor can eliminated by supplement.
Harum Malam also helps for tighten the muscles of the uterus which helps for better marriage life,
the tigten muscles of the uterus, the happier of marriage!
I am super agree with this statement!



More than 10 ingredients in Harum Malam, Let Check Out What's That & benefits

1.槟榔叶 - 控制和防止体臭。

Betel leaf - Controlling and preventing body odor.

2.无花果 - 删除毒药(毒素),稀释痰,降低久咳,然后扩大胸部。清洗在肠肝和心脏,以及明确粘液。

figs - Removes poison (toxin), diluting phlegm, reducing prolonged cough, then enlarges the chest. Cleanse the liver and heart, and clear mucus in the intestine.

蜂蜜 - 至于新陈代谢的重要食物来源之一。

Honey - As one of the important food source for metabolism.

4.枸杞 - 有助于延长寿命,提高精力和体力,有助于降低高血压,抗癌,保持健康的胆固醇水平,平衡血糖水平和控制糖尿病,提高性欲和性功能,睡眠,增强免疫系统,提高生育能力,增强肌肉和骨骼,提高记忆力,减少咳嗽,帮助消化。
Goji - Helps extend the life, increase energy and physical strength, helps to lower high blood pressure, anti-cancer, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, balancing glucose levels and control diabetes, improve libido and sexual function, sleep, boosts the immune system, improve fertility , strengthens muscles and bones, improve memory, reduce cough and help digestion.

5。青柠 - 杀死痢疾,霍乱,伤寒和病菌。甩掉脂肪,减肥,缓解肠胃,助消化。
野葛根 - 伟大的紧致和平滑肌肤,减少细纹,滋润肌肤暗沉恢复容光焕发,平滑毛孔,减少油脂,软化皮肤粗糙,干燥,从内治疗痤疮,防止面部和全身长满青春痘。
Kaffir lime - Kills germs of dysentery, cholera, and typhoid. Get rid of fat and lose weight, relieve stomach, digestion.
Pueraria Mirifica - Great for firming and smoothing the skin, reduce fine lines, nourishes dull skin to return radiant, smooth the pores and reduce oil, soften rough skin and dry, treat acne from the inside, preventing the face and body covered with acne.

6.Kayu Serapat - 收缩子宫和整个身体如此紧凑,调经止痛,年轻,

Kayu Serapat - Tighten the muscles of the uterus and the entire body so compact, launched menstruation, young, treating vaginal discharge, and itching in the vagina, uterus healthy, smooth skin and delay menopause.

7.石榴 - 帮助腹泻,耳朵疼痛,视力模糊,牙龈肿痛,少遗留消化,
Pomegranate - help diarrhea, ear pain, blurred vision, sore gums, less legacy digestion, remove the fat, and also remove toxins from the body.

8. Manjakani -青春美丽,治疗阴道肌肉,调节阴道和分娩,健胸,
 Manjakani - ageless, treating vaginal muscles, regulate mucus and secretions in the vagina and childbirth, breast firming, bowels, eliminate toxins from the body.

9.葛根 - 包含有雌激素以丰满乳房甚至使皮肤和头发健康的。

Pueraria lobata - Contains estrogen for breast enlargement and tenderness even make skin and hair healthy.

10.番泻叶 - 瘦身,降低胆固醇,减少体内通便的人肥胖的腹部脂肪。

senna leaf - Slimming, Mungurangi cholesterol, reduce abdominal fat in the body laxative for people with obesity.


All Goodness in One Bottle!

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