Cafe Hopping with KetchUp at SUBANG USJ

星期三, 四月 06, 2016

现在你可以从Ketchup 里头找到 。

Are You a Café Hopper?

You wanted to have café hopping at the same area at the same day but you don’t know which café have the nice interior & signature food right?

No worries, Now Ketchup can help you to solve the problem!
Ketchup is a platform where all café will have listed by area and review by individual person like us, Bloggers, Social Influencer. 
And let you have more understanding about the concept of the café, as you always know that the café owner has their own ideas ad concept towards their café’s interior and foods.

6个地区,36个博客,3个周末 探索 36间 咖啡馆。
恶魔非常的荣幸的参加到第二星期的 <探索咖啡馆>, SUBANG 和 USJ 地区。

Today I am going to show you the 6 cafés in Subang & USJ area.
I am assuring that none of their concept towards food & café interior is duplicated, all are unique and only one! 

Let check it out!
Ahoy Café
Ship Concept Café, very photogenic!

Café Concept:  the café interior ideas are because she thinks motor/car concepts are around the town, why not get something different like ship concept to apply on the café! 

 Signature Dishes

their chocolate lava cake is yummy!

Never tried kimchi spaghetti? Now you can have it here!

HYPE Concept
Café Concept: Tea café Is in trending for non-coffee drinker, Zen place to Chill, Colorful Teapot and quality tea selection!

Cold Pressed Juice, Tea , Coffee available here!

 Signature Dishes 
Purple Potato Cake
Chicken Sausage & Leek Quiche (for savoury lover)

Aboong Fish Shaped Waffle Ice Cream
Café Concept: Wanted to bring in Aboong to Malaysia and get Malaysian to try it during the hot weather, even though Aboong is Korean Winter ONLY traditional dessert!

Big Mike Café

All the Big Mike (Muscle) Capten is working there! 

 Signature Dishes
Their Burger Ice Cream for Dessert
Mary's Grilled Lamb For Main Course! 

Meteora café 
Café Concept: 
The Most Romantic Café I ever went! 
Café Concept: They are using the paper lantern to create the Meteor Garden feel.

This is a family biz restaurant , from dishes creation to café concepts all done by family member!

Signature Dishes 
Churros is so Yummy Here!

Spaghetti Aglio Olio for Main Course!

Flingstone Café
Café Concept: Simple 70s – 80s Feel Café with Porky Food!

Signature Dishes 
Flingstone Café using pork as their main ingredient for this café,
must try their Pork Belly Nasi Lemak & Spagetti 

Pork Belly Nasi Lemak

咖啡馆老板们,你可以联络Ketchup 让大马的美食博客,红人一起宣传您的咖啡馆哦!
Dear Cafes Owners, You wants your café been features Here and Ketchup ?
Contact Ketchup for More Information!
Instagram: @ketchup_my

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24 评论

  1. Kimchi spaghetti? That's interesting

  2. suka big mike, ahoy , hype dan meteora cafe....aboong pun best....semua cafe lain dari yang lain

  3. Such a fun event. Eat eat eat...I would love to try this.

  4. Wow! The cafe looks so nice.. It's fun to go cafe hopping in group!

  5. OMG looks damn delicious! Should find one day for cafe hoping as well! :D

  6. Seems like they're offering a great variety of good food! Gonna check it out ;p

  7. I'd love to try out KetchUp. As a blogger, I don't care so much about the taste of the food or even the ambience but I am looking for cafes with interior decorations that stand out.

  8. The dishes look unique here. Kimchi Spaghetti never heard before. Would love to try-out.

  9. Awesome food to try your tastebuds.. I am overehelmed just looking at all these food.. hahaha

  10. I love the food and this is a really gathering with all the makan kaki! Can I join this community also XD

  11. I wonder what is that kimchi spaghetti tastes like. since i don't really like kimci

  12. This is so funn! I hope I can be part of you guys too! My friends and I always wanted to cafe hopping but we always ended up sitting at one cafe for one whole day! haha

  13. This is cool and 6 cafe hoping. So many good food has been explore in a day. Salute all of you.

  14. So many delicious food to choose from. I want to have cafe hopping like you too.

  15. Purple potato cake sounds interesting!

  16. 6 cafes in one day, that was really an unforgettable experience :)

  17. Nice cafe~ Will go check it out someday. =)

  18. Kimchi Spaghetti is something new and unique, food looks so yummy.

  19. Ahhh~ I'm so jelly! I want to do a cafe hopping thing someday! I love cafes >,<

  20. hould brin me would like to try the Signature Dishes
    their chocolate lava cake is yummy! hahahhaha so yummy lolllllsssss

  21. Wendy I want Chicken Sausage & Leek Quiche now! Terus lapar tengok you cafe hopping!

  22. Wow such an intense Cafe Hope in one day. Apart from the coffee and desserts I like the Mary's Grilled Lamb also.