SSPN-í Plus Saving as low as RM30

星期一, 四月 25, 2016

SSPN-í Plus Accident

有SSPN-í Plus 就可以!
If you are now sick & unable to work due to accident?
Can you support your families in financial for long term?
With SSPN-í Plus You Can!

SSPN-í Plus Scheme

现在给你多一个选择,SSPN-í Plus.

What is your financial investmet / saving currently?
bank saving / fixed deposit , unit trust  , ASN right ?
how about one more option for you to choose from which is SSPN-í Plus. 

SSPN-i Plus Package
以上就是SSPN-í Plus 配套,越高的存款,你就可以获得更高的赔偿。

Saving as low as RM30 per month and stand a chance to win Apartment, Car, and more prizes!
Wondering how is works & what's is the benefit of SSPN-í Plus  that out by PTPTN department.
this is the few package that offered by SSPN-í Plus, the more you save, the higher coverage you get!
Highest coverage up to RM1million!

SSPN-í Plus 的好处
- 符合伊斯兰教规
- 高达RM12,000税收减免
- 每个月负担低至RM30
- 没有体检
- 死亡(事故)到RM1,000,000回教保险利益
- 死亡赔偿,包括一对夫妇和3名儿童。
- 36严重疾病回教保险利益
- 住院津贴
- 全球24小时保护
- 优先资格申请PTPTN
- 政府担保的储蓄

Benefit of SSPN-í Plus
- sharia-compliant
- Tax relief of up to RM12,000
- Commitment low as RM30
- Competitive dividend
- No medical examination
- Takaful benefits for death (accident) up to RM1,000,000
- Death benefits including a couple and 3 children.
- Takaful benefits for 36 critical illnesses
- Allowance hospitalization
- 24h protection worldwide
- Eligible to apply for PTPTN
- Government-guaranteed savings


 Open SSPN-í Plus Account Online Easy Pesy!

Cabutan Wow!

Make You Saving Before 31/5/2016
You stand a chance to win lot of of attractive prizes!
Apartment , Car , Motor and Etc!

Check Out More At HERE

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