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by - May 11, 2016


贫血症是目前世界上最普遍的营养缺乏问题。世界卫生组织估计目前大约有30%的世界人口(总计超过20亿人)患上绝铁性贫血症 (iron deficiency anaemia)。高风险的族群主要是女性和孩童。在马来西亚,默克消费者保健部门曾给5,184名成年人进行测试,大约有39%的马来西亚成年人患有贫血症,其中3,676名女性就占了42%,而1,508名男性当中则有31%。

Anaemia is one of the most prevalent nutritional deficiency disorders in the world. Globally, the World Health Organization estimated that over 30% of the world’s population (totaling more than 2 billion individuals) suffers from anaemia, with the disease being most prevalent in women and young children. In Malaysia, of the 5,184 adults tested by Merck Consumer Health Division, approximately 39% of Malaysian adults are living with anaemia – 42% of 3,676 adult females and 31% of 1,508 adult males.

Anaemia happens when the level of red blood cells or the level of haemoglobin is lower than normal, hence a reduced amount of oxygen is being carried around in the bloodstream. Iron deficiency anaemia is the most common type of anaemia caused by insufficient iron in the body to produce haemoglobin.

“许多人都不知道他们患上缺铁性贫血症,”马来西亚营养师协会助理名誉秘书及理事会成员,Zulfitri 'Azuan Mat Daud 博士说道。“贫血症的症状被人忽略并不是人们拒绝承认患上贫血症,而是人们一般不知道它,或就此而言,人们对它的了解太少了!我们对繁忙的生活及感到疲累早已习以为常,因而对于这些症状都较为轻率。一般人都不会想到让医护专家检查,而这种状况将会持续多年,”他解释道。
“Iron deficiency anaemia is a condition that many are unaware they are suffering from,” said Dr. Zulfitri ‘Azuan Mat Daud, Assistant Honorary Secretary & Council Member of the Malaysian Dieticians Association. “Many of its symptoms are ignored, not because people deny having anaemia, but because people generally do not know about it, or for that matter, know too little about it! We are so used to leading hectic lives and feeling tired that we often take these signs lightly. Not many think to have themselves checked by medical professionals, and the condition can often persist for years,” he explained.

While relatively non-life threatening, anaemia can lead to various complications if left unchecked. Major health consequences include poor pregnancy outcomes, impaired physical and cognitive development and increased risk of morbidity in children, and reduced work productivity in adults. It should be noted as well that iron deficiency anaemia contributes to 20% of all maternal deaths worldwide [1], and is a major concern for developing countries.

The symptoms of iron deficiency anaemia can be mild and risks are relatively unknown due to the lack of awareness and understanding. Due to inadequate oxygen levels in the body, iron deficiency anaemia patients may experience various symptoms such as – dizzy, lethargic or weak; frequent headaches; having a tingling or crawling feeling in the legs; strange cravings to eat non-food items such as dirt, ice or clay; cold hands and feet; tongue swelling or soreness; brittle nails and pale skin[2]. If left untreated, iron deficiency anaemia can lead to irregular heartbeat, and in severe cases, lead to heart failure or an enlarged heart [3].

女性比男性更容易患病,因为怀孕、月经流量过多以及子宫肌瘤都是导致大部分妇女患上缺铁性贫血的所有原因。根据国家心肺血机构(National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute,缩写NHLBI)的记录,大约有20%的女性在孩童时期就患有缺铁性贫血症[3]。这乃获得在马来半岛所进行的一项研究所得做后盾。该项报告指出,在所有年龄介于18到60岁的女性当中,25%被此病症所影响[4]。怀孕妇女甚至更容易患上缺铁性贫血,因为她们需要大量的血液来支援在成长中的胎儿。
Pregnancy, significant menstrual bleeding and uterine fibroids are all reasons that contribute to more women experiencing iron deficiency anaemia than men. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), an estimate of 20% of women of childbearing age have iron deficiency anaemia [2]. This is backed by a study carried out in Peninsular Malaysia, reporting that 25% among all women aged 18 to 60 years old are
affected by the sickness [4]. Pregnant women are even more likely to experience iron deficiency anaemia because they require greater amounts of blood to support their growing babies.

这惊人的数字促使了默克消费者保健部门透过“Win Your Day”(赢得美好每一天)活动致力提升对缺铁性贫血症的意识。这项活动的目的正是教育及改变女性的生命,因为她们受缺铁性贫血影响的可能性更高。
With such alarming figures, Merck Consumer Health Division is stepping up its efforts and leading the change in raising awareness on iron deficiency anaemia through their “Win Your Day” campaign. The campaign is set to educate Malaysians and improve lives, particularly women as they are more susceptible to be affected by iron deficiency anaemia.

身为国际医疗保健和身心福祉的企业领导者,默克承诺要改善、增进与滋养马来西亚人的健康与人生。默克消费者保健部门医药业务部副总监Dhara Shah医生希望透过它们的努力,凡受到缺铁性贫血者(特别是女性)的生活质素能得到改善,并从寻求医疗护理中得到疗理,免受疾病的困扰。
As a leader in healthcare and well-being, Merck is committed to improving and enriching the health and lives of Malaysians. Dr. Dhara Shah, Associate Director of Medical Affairs, Merck Consumer Health Division, hopes that through their efforts, the lives of those affected by iron deficiency anaemia, particularly women, can be improved as they seek treatment and means to free themselves of the ailment.

“Through raising awareness on the issue, we believe that Malaysians will benefit from a better understanding of iron deficiency, and to take the necessary steps to begin living extraordinary lives. It is our intention to guide them in taking the initiative to seek opinions from healthcare professionals. When iron deficiency anaemia is not treated, it may become severe enough to affect our daily life. Hence, we want to help Malaysian women win their days and to experience more fulfilling lives in the long run,” she said.

对症下药,至关重要透过与医疗专家密切的合作,默克医药团队联袂医药专家在印尼研发了贫血症风险评估表(Anaemia Risk Assessment Tool)。这个工具的目的就是让人们自己检查患有贫血症症状的风险,这个工具可在网上免费使用。它通过问卷和一个称为眼结膜颜色图表(Conjunctival Paleness Chart)的视觉自我评估工具引导用户。这个图标会帮使用者鉴定缺铁性贫血症,因为当一个人的结膜比正常颜色来得苍白时,正是血红细胞和血红素不足够所造成的。这可以通过诊所或医院的专业管理的血红蛋白试验做进一步的证实。寻求治疗的好处是牢固与重要的,因为适时控制与管理能有助恢复一个人的健康并提高生产力水平达20% [1]。
Working closely with medical experts, the Merck Medical team in Indonesia developed an Anaemia Risk Assessment Tool. The interactive tool helps to determine whether if one is at risk of having anaemia based on simple lifestyle and dietary information provided. Available online and free to use, it leads users through a questionnaire and a visual self-assessment tool called the Conjunctival Paleness Chart. The Chart will help users to identify symptoms of iron deficiency anaemia as a person's eyes tend to be more pale than normal due to insufficient of red blood cells and haemoglobin. This can be further confirmed through a haemoglobin test administered by a professional at a clinic or hospital. The benefits to finding treatments are substantial as well, as timely management can restore personal health and raise productivity levels by as much as 20% [1].

Advising based on his expertise, Dr. Zulfitri highlighted that dietary and nutritional management is vital in treating this deficiency. To improve one’s level of iron in the body, one should increase absorbable iron in her diet through the consumption of meat, fish or poultry during main meals. “One way to increase your body’s absorption of iron is to include Vitamin C at every meal. Also, decreasing the consumption of tea, coffee and milk during main ls helps too, as they act as inhibitors of iron absorption in food.” he explained.

Dr. Zulfitri further highlighted that oral iron supplements helps the body in overcoming this deficiency. He emphasized that the supplements are best absorbed by the body on an empty stomach. However, if there is any irritation or uneasiness, it should then be taken with meals.

默克竭尽全力,旨在助您护理, 正如31岁的Nor Amni Bt Haris以及37岁的 Siti Noorshella Zainal,在他们还未发现疾病前,他们日以继夜的忙个不停。Nor Amni是一个因为工作忙碌而用餐不定时的职业女人,有一天忽然在工作中头晕目眩被同事送到医生那里后才发现自己得了这个病。幸好她及早得到医生的忠告与建议,尽速得以复元。她强调工作的专业人士、年轻人或学生应该注意缺铁性贫血因为这会影响他们在工作和学校的生产力。
As in the case of Nor Amni Bt Haris, 31, and Siti Noorshella Zainal, 37, their daily duties and chores struggled prior to discovery of their ailment. Nor Amni, a career lady who often skipped meals, only found out of her
ailment after being sent to the doctor by colleagues after a dizzy spell at work. A change in dietary habits, along with taking iron supplements advise by her doctor, she is now able to manage her iron levels. She highlighted that working professionals, young adults or even school students should be aware of iron deficiency anaemia as it affects their productivity at work or school.

拥有三个孩子的妈妈,Siti Noorshella,在她怀孕时发现此病。在同一时间喂宝宝吃母乳和照顾她的孩子时,她发现此病症可能会影响她和孩子的健康。在医生的劝告下,她摄取含铁丰富的食物,和食用补铁保健药品。她建议家长应该为自己和孩子做定期检查,以预防贫血症。
Siti Noorshella, a mother of 3, discovered her ailment during one of her pregnancies. In nursing and caring for her children, she found out more about the deficiency could potentially impact them as well. Improving on her dietary habits and taking iron supplements has helped her personal life, as well as her children. Beyond adults, she advises parents to also check on their children of this ailment as it is prevalent in pre-schoolers.

在“Win Your Day”(赢取美好一天)活动当儿,默克公司亦在指定的药剂行提供免费血红素测试。欲知更多免费血红素测试的详情及透过贫血症风险评估表及眼结膜颜色图表(Anaemia Risk Assessment Tool)或眼结膜颜色图表自我检查贫血症的情况,欢迎登入
In conjunction with the ‘Win Your Day’ awareness campaign, Merck is organizing complimentary haemoglobin tests at selected pharmacies nationwide. For more information on the complimentary haemoglobin tests, and to do an initial self-check using the interactive Anaemia Risk Assessment Tool and Conjunctival Paleness Chart, visit

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