Ipoh day trip with Bloggers with Surprise

by - September 11, 2018

Ehh... All the people in the photos are bloggers, right?
Yes, we bloggers not only meet during events!
But we are going to Ipoh day trip together, our missions are to fill up our tummy whenever is hungry!
Let's check out where are we been to for this Ipoh Day Trip!

First Stop Not at Ipoh Yet, But BRJ Kuchai Lama!
Having Malaysia Breakfast , Like Roti Canai, Tosai, Teh Tarik, Nasi Lemak.
Gear up and save the energy to travel two and half hours to Ipoh.

Actually, We heard so much good stuff about Ipoh Parade.
So Here we are at Ipoh Parade, It is so huge and happening like Mid Valley here at KL.
We called it as food trail day food trail, so we cant left Ipoh with foods!!
Okay We plan to have our lunch here... 

Spotted Neyra (another blogger) in The Ipoh Parade while she is dating with her newlywed husband,
and just heard they are back from camping the last night of the day and sharing how interesting in the jungle and camping..

This is our lunch of the day at Ipoh Parade Next Food Court
 From Thai Food, Western Food to Local Malay Food also can get it at Ipoh Parade Next Food Court!
So Much Variety to Choose, I am a dilemma!
Out of Suddenly Got Announcement from the Main Stage with Baki Zainal's Voice!
I am kinda excited to know what's going on there!
Oh is Ipoh Parade Youth Short Film Festival~

This event is an initiative by Ipoh Parade to celebrate young and aspiring filmmakers in Malaysia by providing a platform for them to shine.


We are Here to Say:
Congratulations to all #YouthshortFirmFest winners!


🥇 Home by Cheah Seang Hong
🥈 Apai by Muhammad Irfan bin Muhammad Nizam
🥉 Merdekaku In London by Aras 2 Production
Conso 1: Sebuah Kepulangan by MUHAMMAD HAKIM BIN HASNAN
Conso 2: 05 by Soong Kah Yan


🥇 Roti Kosong - Muhammad Umar Akmal bin Zairul Hisham
🥈 A Journey to the Heart of Malaysia by Ian Phang Khai En
🥉 Diabetes Awareness by Eliza Goh
Conso 1: Reunion by Leong Yiq Zhenn
Conso 2: The Voice by Nicholas Tan


🥇 School Life My Life by David Lee Lek Wee
🥈 Eat It, Clean It by Henri Lee
🥉 Why Do We Love Malaysia by Eunice Chan
Conso 1: My Day by Evon Chan
Conso 2: My School My Life by Chan Kagami

After Ipoh Parade Youth Short Film Festival , Feel so Craving some Sweet Stuff and doing some tourist stuff. so We head over to Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fa, as smooth as baby's skin, heard they are using mountain water!

lastly, we go to GreenTown Dim Sum as our dinner, all the yummy suimai, Durian Juicy Bun, Porriage & etc..
That's the First Time I Had Dim Sum as Dinner at Ipoh and it's Halal, Can Bring Along Your Muslim Friends as well as what we do!

Okay, We Don't Manage to try out the Nasi Ganja, Restoran Yong Suan this time!
We Going to Head Back to Ipoh Again!
See You Next Time Ipoh!

And we experience travelling 5 hours back to KL is really Loooooong !
Due to Weekend & Raining at night .....

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