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Do You Know that Today’s generation believes that healthy skin is akin to a canvas that reflects self-confidence. Nevertheless, plenty of skincare formulations and products in the market today often end their quest for beautiful and radiant complexion, since most formulations fail to meet their specific skin requirements.  

Today I am going to Share with you all how to achieve healthy skin with Safi Dermasafe

Millennial girls do not relent so easily! Their expertise in information gathering right at their fingertips is uncontested – the Selfie Queens’ unending quest for beauty has resulted the discovery of beneficial do-it-yourself, all-natural facial masks. However, the process is not easy as preparing the masks from scratch requires daily supply of fresh ingredients. Making it an almost impossible task as well is time constraint and the hassle to obtain fresh ingredients. Oh no! They are in dilemma! To find the right skincare range that’s friendly to their skin, allergen-free and formulated with natural formulation. 

Ok Girls! This life is too short to be depressed! There’s always a solution to every problem! 

Now, be cool! Because SAFI DERMASAFE is the answer!

Your path to a beautiful skin transformation, greater self-confidence and healthier skin begins with SAFI DERMASAFE, an extension of the constant beauty odyssey by SAFI – the No.1 Halal brand in Malaysia. The latest innovative skincare range from SAFI is the fruit of the brand’s relentless commitment towards product research and development via SERI (SAFI Excellence in Research and Innovation), the world’s biggest Halal product lab. 

 SAFI DERMASAFE is a skincare products range that is “friendly to the skin”, dermatologically tested, allergen-free and certified Halal, and contains balanced pH level.  The range encompasses parabens-free facial cleansers as well as toners and moisturisers with formulation combinations that are free from fragrances, colorants, alcohol, mineral oils, and untested on animals.

SAFI DERMASAFE is suitable and safe for all skin types, as well as for those with sensitive skin.  SAFI DERMASAFE range is also formulated from the natural extracts of Chamomile and Liquorice – both known for their therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties that can lessen and prevent sensitive skin problems such as acne, rashes whilst soothing the skin from inflammation, subsequently making the skin looking fresher and radiant.

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