Future Land Fun Zone at Sunway Pyramid

by - March 15, 2019

My first VR Experience Simulator with Mama at Future Land Fun Zone, Sunway Pyramid.
Don't ever think VR Games just for the kids and teenagers!
Even Mama Enjoying The VR Experience too For the first Time!

Games In Future Land Fun Zone, Sunway Pyramid

  • VR Car Simulator
    Mama Look Like a Car Racer, Cool Right!
    Without Injured and Harm to Drive Fast!
  • EXO Jet Simulator
    This is very different from other VR Games , I love this the Most Because it is Roller Coaster And Shooting Games at the Same Time at EXO Jet Simulator
    Compete with Mama & Mama Wins! Really Need More Focus Shooting while riding on a roller coaster, very funny and screaming like kids..
  • VR Interactive

    Oh Ya, this is another one that I amaze so much because it is very real and scary.
    I really can squat down to avoid being shoot for shooting scene, but always forgotten and Died.LOL
  • VR Family

    This is very good for the kids and family who wants to bonding together and play..
    mama said it is so real.., she is so scare of it..
  • Fighter Het Simulator (The Only 1 in ASEAN Country)

    This is the most Extreme one in Future Land Fun Zone at Sunway Pyramid.
    360 degree and Fly, Aim Shoot,,, Wow!
    I am not good in navigater the Flight,, just flying here and there and kena shoot balik.
    I want to try it again next time
  • VR Skateboard

Various Simulation Games to Choose from All Experiece Above
Like VR SkateBoard you can choose roller coaster, then VR Interactive you can choose fruit ninja/shooter and many more different experiences you can come back for sure.
A scene like Running with Dinosaur, Train to Busan and many more..
Price list
x1 Game - RM20
Fun Dua (x2 Games) - RM35 
Gila Tiga (x3 Games) - RM50

Full Acess (x6 Games) - RM95 per person
Family Fun Pack - 2person and more - RM85 per person 

Address :  Sunway Pyramid F1, 20, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 
012-606 7550


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