Satifying My Craving With myCITTA Digital Platform

by - January 13, 2021

Hubby Craving For Curry Laksa, I Craving For Hakka Cuisine at the Same Time !
Work From Home is So TroubleSome... How???
Craving Different Cuisine Under 1 Roof!
Ahh.... No Worries, Today I got a Solution For Us!
CITTA Mall has officially launched its delivery platform, myCITTA, to complement the mall’s brick and mortar stores. Shoppers can now simply tap their purchases from the comfort of their homes by accessing the platform via the mall’s websites at

Featuring an array of merchandise by retailers who operate in CITTA Mall, myCITTA offers shoppers the flexibility and convenience in browsing and making purchases online. Be it buying a pack of chips or signing up for a new fitness programme, shoppers can opt for home delivery or self-pickups upon making a purchase.

As the third wave of the pandemic hit, most shoppers are reluctant to leave home unless necessary. myCITTA is here to cater to the needs of our shoppers as we offer an alternative to their shopping needs. Also, unlike other delivery services, myCITTA offers local deliveries beyond food within and outside of Klang Valley, so shoppers can still purchase their favourite goods from the mall from the comfort of their home

1. Go to on PC or mobile 

2. Click the Order Now button at the Best Sellers section or click on the logos of participating stores. 

3. Choose the items and quantity (select add-ons, if any), then click Add to Order. 4. Review your order by clicking on the shopping cart icon. Select the delivery date and time, then fill in your particulars. 

5. Check the ‘I understand and I’m ready to submit my order’ box and click Submit Order. 6. Complete payment, receive your order confirmation via WhatsApp, and wait for your order to arrive.

Among participating merchants shoppers can look forward to on myCITTA include A slice of Heaven, Beans N Beans, Wingstop, Fruitlab, Peak Fitness, Ashley Furniture HomeStore, Canning Heritage, Gajahmada, House of Malaya, Penyet Express, A Beauty Secret Studio, A&W, Boozeat, Gadget C Store, Iyakimono, JOMLaksa, Manjakaki, Marrybrown, Mikey’s Pizza, Onde Onde, Para Thai, Tail & Fin, The Barn, Twinbow, Union Roastery, MaggyMe, Universal Noodle Ying Ker Lou, Waroeng Penyet, Wrappe, Deli Wau, B Optique, and Julia Gabriel & Chiltern House Preschool.

Head Over To !

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