Bayu Somerset Fosters Baju Kurung Love Through Shopee Live

by - April 16, 2024

Bayu Somerset, a pioneering fashion brand breathes new life into the local fashion scene with their vibrant designs and inclusive vision. Founded in 2021 by Diana Kamalul and Emir Fauzi, a former banker couple, Bayu Somerset was born from a desire to fill the gap for funky and colourful baju kurung. Traditionally dominated by understated aesthetics, Bayu Somerset offers unique pieces accessible to all, regardless of age, background, skin tone, size, occasion, or season.

While maintaining their five physical stores, Bayu Somerset has become a rising star in the e-commerce world. Now entering their third year online, they've embraced the challenges and constant learning that come with the digital landscape. Driven by the need to adapt, Emir, highlighting their tech-driven approach, emphasises their focus on keeping up with current trends like livestreaming and affiliate marketing.

"Transitioning to e-commerce required a lot of learning and adaptation, especially keeping up with current trends," says Emir. "It demanded significant resources, but the potential benefits for the company and brand were undeniable. Shopee was definitely critical in helping us navigate the challenges of going online. They not only helped entice customers to buy but also exposed our brand to a wider audience. Brand exposure is vital in the e-commerce world, and the stability of the Shopee platform is something I truly value."

Bayu Somerset takes a dynamic approach to Shopee Live, broadcasting eight hours a day, two hours per session, regardless of the season. This strategy ensures consistent customer engagement that transcends seasonal peaks like Raya. While acknowledging the tenfold sales increase during Raya, Bayu Somerset prioritises sustainability over seasonal reliance. Aligned with their ethos of promoting baju kurung for everyday wear, Bayu Somerset introduces at least two new collections monthly, with sizes available up to 5XL to ensure inclusivity. 

During their Shopee Live sessions, hosts passionately discuss the wearability of the garments, highlighting the breathable cotton fabric perfect for Malaysia's climate. With affordability in mind, they offer pieces as low as RM79, without compromising quality. During Ramadan month, the hosts also showcase the Raya collection, which consists of eight diverse collections featuring six to ten patterns each, including kidswear and menswear. These designs boast inspirations from Malaysian culture alongside fun cultural fusions like Moroccan, Mexican, and African influences. Additionally, a recent collaboration with local illustrator Arina Azhar brings a whimsical vibe to their offerings, adding an exciting twist to their collections.

Customer reviews and Shopee Live comment sections overflow with enthusiasm for Bayu Somerset's baju kurung. One satisfied customer exclaims, "I wore my Bayu Somerset baju kurung while gardening! It's so versatile, I love it!" Another shares, "I often wear mine to the supermarket and for cafe hopping. The fabric is light but durable, perfect for daily wear." These live sessions go beyond product showcases; they foster a community around comfortable and versatile fashion.

Bayu Somerset actively engages with customers through Shopee's features like Shopee Coins and vouchers, enriching the shopping journey. Offering discounts and rewards incentivizes repeat purchases and builds customer loyalty. Furthermore, their participation in Shopee's Raya campaign including the livestreamed #ShopeeRaiLokal Raya Stail Kita fashion show watched by over 70,000 Malaysians, leverages the platform's extensive reach during festive seasons to showcase their latest collections and offer special promotions. By strategically utilising Shopee's features and campaigns, Bayu Somerset amplifies brand visibility and elevates the customer experience.

Additionally, Diana elaborates on the brand's success with the Shopee Affiliate program: "We've seen a significant impact from affiliates who actively promote Bayu Somerset on social media platforms, particularly the X app. These affiliates play a crucial role in enhancing our brand credibility through their testimonials, shared experiences, and endorsements, ultimately driving sales conversion." By leveraging the Shopee Affiliate program, Bayu Somerset effectively spreads the message about their brand values, affordable pricing, and unique designs, expanding their reach and market impact.

Bayu Somerset isn't resting on its laurels. Fueled by their entrepreneurial spirit, Diana and Emir offer a roadmap for aspiring e-commerce sellers: "Maximise Shopee's features like Live sessions and the Affiliate Program to amplify brand exposure," Diana suggests. "Adapt winning strategies from other platforms to Shopee Live and see what resonates with your audience." Emir emphasises the importance of continuous adaptation: "Staying updated with current trends and adapting to the ever-changing e-commerce landscape is crucial for relevance and competitiveness. Continuously evolve your strategies to stay ahead of the curve."

In just three years, Bayu Somerset has become a cornerstone of the local economy and community, employing 60 full-time staff and 30 part-time staff, with 95% of them being women. The brand has sold over 8,500 pieces on Shopee, with the Merdu Kebarung in Cream color emerging as the bestseller. With almost 30k followers on Shopee and a stellar 4.9-star rating, the brand continues to thrive and resonate with its growing customer base.

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