What is PicoSure® Pro ?

by - April 03, 2024

Are you tired of stubborn pigmentation, pesky wrinkles, or that tattoo you regret getting during your wild college days?
Fear not! The PicoSure® Pro laser is here to work its magic and transform your skin.

we'll dive into the world of PicoSure® Pro by BRIGHT CLINIC (SUNWAY GEO), demystify its powers, and explore why it's the talk of the town (or should we say, the dermatologist's office)

What Is PicoSure® Pro?

The PicoSure® Pro isn't your average laser—it's like the James Bond of skincare In BRIGHT CLINIC (SUNWAY GEO). Here's the lowdown:

1. Picoseconds Rule: Imagine a laser that zaps away imperfections in picoseconds.
Yes, you read that right—ultra-short pulses that spare your skin from unnecessary heat.
Say goodbye to downtime and hello to results!

2. Skin Revitalization: PicoSure® Pro targets everything you want to fix: wrinkles, acne scars, enlarged pores, and uneven pigmentation. It's like a spa day for your face, minus the cucumber slices.

3. Customizable Treatments: With various handpieces and adjustable fluence, your BRIGHT CLINIC (SUNWAY GEO) PicoSure® Pro treatment is as personalized as your morning coffee order. Zoom handpiece? Check. Platinum Focus™ lens? Double-check.


Tattoo Removal: Erasing Regrets, One Pulse at a Time 

Remember that tattoo of a unicorn riding a skateboard?
Yeah, we all have our "what was I thinking?" moments.
BRIGHT CLINIC (SUNWAY GEO) PicoSure® Pro has your back:

1. Color Eradication: Black, blue, green—these inks don't stand a chance. The 755nm wavelength locks onto them like a heat-seeking missile. And if your tattoo flaunts sunset hues (red, yellow, orange), the optional 532nm wavelength says, "I got this."

2. Spot Sizes and Turbo Mode: PicoSure® Pro adjusts like a chameleon. Variable spot sizes? Check. Turbo mode for stubborn ink? Double-check. It's like telling your tattoo, "You're canceled!"

3. Melasma, Nevus, and Hori’s Nevus: Not just for tattoos! PicoSure® Pro tackles these pigment issues like a boss. FDA-cleared and clinically proven—because your skin deserves VIP treatment.

Results That Make You Smile (Not Just Because of Fewer Wrinkles)

1. Patient Satisfaction: Over a million treatments, and guess what?
100% patient satisfaction. That's like acing a pop quiz without studying.

2. Banishing Pigment: PicoSure® Pro safely removes unwanted pigment across all skin types. Sayonara, age spots!

3. Radiant Complexion: Wrinkles? Fine lines? Pores? Nah, we're too busy enjoying our lighter, brighter, and more radiant skin.

Conclusion: PicoSure® Pro—Your Skin's BFF

So, whether you're bidding adieu to that tattoo or saying hello to smoother skin, the PicoSure® Pro laser is your trusty sidekick. It's like having a fairy godmother who wields a laser wand instead of a wand with glitter.

Next time someone asks, "What's your secret?"
—just wink and say, "PicoSure® Pro, darling." 🌟

So If You Wanna Get Rid Of Your Stubborn Pigmentation, Pesky Wrinkles, Tattoo
and Understand More About 
PicoSure® Pro In Details ...


A-01-09 & A-02-09, Sunway Geo Avenue, Jalan
Lagoon Selatan, Sunway South Quay,
Bandar Sunway, 47500, Selangor

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